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By: Whitefox  09-12-2011

Membrane module characteristics

  • Tolerant to water concentrations of up to 80% water
  • Resistant to fusel oils 
  • Continuous (non-cyclical) process 
  • Pressure Range: up to 5 bar A 
  • Temperature Range: up to 150°C  

MB2 Modules

The MB2 module is designed for small and medium scale applications between 2 million and 4 million litres per year. It can also be used for conducting slipstream tests.

Skid Mounting

All of Whitefox' modules can be mounted on a skid to minimise the equipment footprint and to facilitate in series arrangements. Skid arrangements are common for MB2 applications.

MB6 Module

The MB6 is the smallest of our multi-elements modules. One MB6 module can produce up to 6 million litres per year of biofuel ethanol. MB6s can be arranged in parallel configuration or in combination with other modules to provide exactly the required capacity.

Larger application modules

Whitefox can accommodate larger capacities by applying larger multi-element designs such as the MB14 with a nominal capacity of 14 million litres per year and MB38 with a nominal capacity of 38 million litres per year.

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Although our membrane technologies comprise the heart of our solutions, the improvements we bring to other elements of the process are equally important. For retrofits, we optimize existing equipment when re-configuring the plant for Whitefox technologies, avoiding costly changes to a plant. Our patented technology and know-how enable us to modify and re-balance individual components throughout the ethanol production process.