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By: Western Drilling  09-12-2011
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Side inlet Air swivels are primarily used in reverse circulation drilling. An Air swivel Also known as a flushing head is a Drilling tool attached to the top of the drill pipe, RC pipe or tubing to form a connection with the compressor or pump to allow circulation of the drilling mud, air or water.

In Reverse circulation applications, an air swivel it allows the cuttings to be flushed upward into the pipe and gives a port for the cuttings to be returned. A flushing head works by allowing the drill pipe to rotate while the side hose remains stationary. Compressed air is blown into the stationary side inlet of the flushing Head and cuttings are returned through the drill pipe.

Air swivel drilling tools and flushing heads have threaded splined or flanged upper and lower connections. They can be customised to connect to any pin or box and can be tailored to fit any rig. We specialize in construction drilling tools and custom drilling tools.

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