By: Wedge Networks  09-12-2011

Anti-Spam Protection

Through technology partnerships with leading global organizations,  Wedge brings together the most accurate spam/phishing detection algorithms and integrates them into its high performance Network Data Processing platform to provide unmatched accuracy and throughput, featuring:

  • The worlds largest threat detection network, with over 1 Billion sources in over 190 countries.  This network ensures organizations benefit from collective intelligence about spam and phishing outbreaks.
    • Future-proof protection to combat changes in text, images, and new categories of threats.  The Cloudmark Trust Evaluation System® corroborates threat reports and reporters to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

    These technologies combine to deliver the most accurate spam solution in the industry while using a Deep Content Scanning based approach and the largest threat monitoring network in the world to ensure zero false positives.

    Anti-Malware Protection

    • Heuristics to identify and contain viruses and zero-day attacks before traditional signatures are available.
      • Frequently updated, full virus signature databases,, to combat all malware threats for all desktops, servers, and mobile computing devices.


      Built for performance with the SubSonic Engine’s unique traffic handling, BeSecure appliances are capable of dealing with more traffic at higher speeds than anyone else in the industry; ensuring that security implementation does not alter user experience.

      • Seamless network integration with the ability to deploy through Stealth Transparency, BeSecure integrates into organizations without changing any network or routing settings.  As well,  the option of traditional proxy and bridge deployment modes allows for maximum flexibility.
      • Business reporting through the Wedge BeSecure Reporter or automatic integration with existing reporting solutions, the Wedge BeSecure provides in-depth and usable information to align security management with business direction.


      • No training and no maintenance with the most automated updates in the world.
      • Reliability inside and outside the box with full high availability and clustering functions, BeSecure Appliances ensure the highest level of fail over and redundancy.  The appliances themselves are built with no moving parts and are capable of handling the most punishing bandwidths and networks; making certain that downtime will not be an issue.
      • Stop the resource drain by filtering out the attacks before they penetrate, ensuring end users and servers are not slowed down by the need to stop and process threats.
      • Integration of multiple BeSecure Security Modules for Spam filtering, Virus filtering, Malicious Content Detection, and Web filtering to ensure organizations have a secure web gateway

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In addition to its gateway security appliance, the BeSecure Anti-Malware Gateway offers award-winning performance and architecture to messaging security, anti-spam, anti-phishing, acceptable usage, content filtering and URL filtering with its additional Anti-Spam and Web Filter Modules.


Combined BeSecure and UTM Solutions

While today's firewalls and Unified Threat Management solutions provide effective firewalling capabilities, comprehensive antivirus detection with good throughput performance often requires a complementary solution such as the Wedge Networks BeSecure NDP Web Security Appliance.


Information Security and Compliance

Healthcare Providers: Helps you comply with HIPAA by stopping malicious code at the Web gateway, enabling you to protect patient information and deliver secure, anytime access to your providers and administrators. Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Acts by preventing unauthorized access to customer records and other confidential information.



Wedge products meet the performance, accuracy, and usability demands of the largest telecommunications providers and can scale to provide the same standard of protection for all sizes of organizations, from small branch offices to large enterprise and service providers.