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By: Wayto  09-12-2011

Prototyping Methodology

WayTo takes a unique, interactive approach to data integration and consulting. Unlike traditional methodologies dictating that the client sign-off on nothing more than detailed written specifications, WayTo is dedicated to an innovative three-level prototyping methodology that tests the workflow, assesses the data requirements, and encourages client feedback from the earliest stages of a project. The lines of communication between developers and end-users remain open, while the information gathered during the process ensures WayTo meets and exceeds client expectations.

MIMIC Middleware

Within the Conversion/Migration practice, WayTo has developed capabilities of integrating multiple data sources into a single middleware environment. In a typical conversion project, data is captured from an array of sources. This gives rise to conflicting information from individual sources. In addition, when the sources are put together, a number of other inconsistencies expose themselves. By having all the data in this single environment, all the QA steps could be run against the MIMIC database. When an inconsistency is discovered, the capture source or process is identified. Thus one can find every case impacted by this flaw.

Most conversions are not captured in the target database, thus all the rules and validity checks are not available until the data is loaded into the target system. MIMIC provides the basis of encoding the validity and verification into the capture tool itself. The traditional conversion from paper process is less common now, as a large number of automated data sources are now “assembled”, validated, and then loaded into the target model.

Mapping as a Window into Enterprise Information

Data Validation & Clean-Up

WayTo introduced a new capability, WayToResolve, offering clients the ability to Detect and Resolve data errors that exist in systems resulting from data conversions, data migrations, as well as errors that have crept into databases as a result of flaws in processes in an enterprise. The intent is to offer techniques for detecting issues based on externally defined rules. Issues detected in a data source are presented in a form to allow a queued edit of each error condition, or if the numbers are high in a particular type of error, customized resolution techniques could be automated. Errors detected could simply be invalid values for a particular field, or could be errors in connectivity or relationships typically seen in GIS applications employed by Utility companies.

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WayTo Integration and Consulting Services, Inc - WayToResolve

In the case of G/Technologies based models, a custom command within a G/Designer or a G/Administrator seat guides the user through the resolution of each issue. WayToResolve consists of a processing core, a "Rules" file, and support for externally defined libraries for custom and client-specific detection.