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By: Wallworks  09-12-2011

The FABRI-LOK® UTILI-T PANEL SYSTEM is designed to be a versatile option for clients who need a high performance sound absorbing panel at a very cost-competitive price. The unique combination of engineered Fabri-Lok profiles along with the range of panel core materials available, makes the Utili-T Panel System an economic and easily applied choice.

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Wallworks. Acoustic. Architectural. Products. Inc - shimmer screen

The scope is virtually unlimited - residential, commercial, and institutional - from basic manually operated vertical blinds, through to the most complex, motor-assist stage curtain systems. Shimmer Screen is used for window/wall treatments, space dividers, architectural accents, lighting fixtures, stage backdrops and exhibition displays. It is used as a decorative and functional area divider between areas of rooms.


Wallworks. Acoustic. Architectural. Products. Inc - aspect ceiling panels

The FABRI-LOK® Series of acoustical ceiling panels is designed to give superior sound absorption while maintaining the look of gypsum board or plaster which allows the panels to seamlessly integrate with surrounding wall and ceiling finishes. ASPECT® Ceiling Panels are suitable for applications where they may be mounted via a concealed T-Bar grid system, suspended independently, or mounted directly to the wall or ceiling surface.


Wallworks. Acoustic. Architectural. Products. Inc - fabri lok upholstered wall systems

FABRI-LOK® SYSTEM provides one of the best engineered and most complete lines of “Stretched Fabric Retainer Track” systems available for applying fabric over wall and other surfaces. A unique proprietary method for applying fabric finishes over walls and other surfaces WITHOUT BONDING, for exceptional ACOUSTICAL, INSULATING, RENOVATING and DECORATING solutions.