By: Vital-sim  09-12-2011

Compiler & Conversion Programs Compiler and conversion programs ahve been developed for most major controllers and are continuily being updated and upgraded as these products evolve.

Compiler and Conversion programs include:

1) DOS HLC ®and VHLC®

(Does not do ACE)

2) VSLS Compiler for GE ACE®, EC-5, Electrologixs, IWP, VHLC® and HLC

(Requirements:  ACE Compiler Ver. 3.0, or later plus Validator or reports from GE generated by Ace Compiler and Validator - Does not do DOS VHLC) 

3) VSLS Compiler for US&S Microlok I® and Genisys 4) VSLS Compiler for US&S Microtrax®, 5) VSLS Compiler for US&S Microlok II® and Genisys®

6) VSLS Compiler for Electro-Code IV and Electrologic® 7) VSLS Compiler for Alstom VPI/CSEX®

8) VSLS Compiler for GE® PTC - BETA VERSION

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Other products and services from Vital-sim


Automatic Test

CUSTOMIZED ACCESS TO AUTOMATIC TESTING – Allows a very knowledgeable programmer with considerable signal knowledge to write his own customized test routines for the Automatic Test program.


Lamp Out

A set of dialog boxes are provided to define/configure expected aspects and downgrades for each signal/route combination. The Lamp Out List Program is used to generate testing reports for field FRA/commisioning tests. A database of default signal aspects and downgrades is provided. Signal type (colorlight, searchlight, position light, dwarf.



Router Module Accessory ProgramThe ROUTER MODULE is used to automatically generate a list of all routes for a given trackplan. The Router Module is a pre-requisite for the Lamp-Out test Module and the Automatic Test Module. Customized list formats can be installed by Vital Sim, or can be created by the user. All “Locked” Switches in Each Route That Could Permit A Conflicting Route.


Software Programs

VSLS Compiler for US&S Microlok I® and Genisys 4) VSLS Compiler for US&S Microtrax®, 5) VSLS Compiler for US&S Microlok II ® and Genisys. It is designed to plot or visually display data that has been downloaded from one of several supported data loggers or from VSLS. The ROUTE LOCKING LIST program permits the user to print several lists essential to cutover testing.



Vital-Sim Logic Simulator VSLS is a WINDOWS® 2000/XP based software and graphics package which allows signal engineers to test vital and non-vital application logic programs generated by a wide variety of development systems. A user-friendly graphics utility allows the signal designer to draw the track and signal diagram using basic building blocks, then assign input and output bits to the various components.