Digital Court Recording Solutions

By: Viq Solutions  09-12-2011

VIQ Solutions offers a complete range of digital court recording solutions that allow courts to significantly reduce their cost per case while improving efficiency for judges, lawyers and the legal community.

Our easy-to-use digital court recording solutions make it possible for you to share case audio and information across multiple locations, at the same time allowing you to conserve storage space and save on storage media. With integrated log notes, confidence monitoring and integrated playback and transcription capabilities, VIQ's digital court recording solutions can streamline your workflow and create an easy to use, accurate and secure record of all your proceedings. If transcription is required, the transcriptionist can work from the digital record using our free, easy-to-use VIQ playback and transcription utility.

We have digital court recording solutions for any courtroom environment, from all-in-one recording devices that replace aging analog tape decks, to complex, multi-location integrated audio-video systems that transfer files across servers and networks.

Encompass RPC

Encompass RPC also comes embedded in Cisco's Connected Justice solution. Connected Justice provides a connected court system that addresses reduced budgets, resources and manpower while increasing productivity during the justice process.

Other Products..

Our Encompass Pro, Continuum, and RecordIAB digital court recording solutions provide high-quality verbatim records and are currently in use in courthouses around the world.

Other products and services from Viq Solutions


Digital recording solutions for courts, hearings and court reporting

VIQ offers a complete suite of digital solutions for courthouses, hearing/meetings and court reporters, or any client that requires a high-quality, durable record of multi-channel audio and/or video. All of the solutions in the VIQ product suite allow you to quickly identify speakers and key moments during recording to produce a high-quality audio record that is easily searchable. You can instantly locate and playback audio files.


Recording solutions for court reporters

You can choose between software-only solutions that you install on your laptop and all-in-one hardware/software solutions that come with everything you need to capture a high-quality verbatim record. VIQ Solutions offers a range of digital recording solutions for court reporters looking to replace their end-of-life analog recording tape machines, like the Lanier Advocate V or Sony BM246.


Recording solutions for hearings and meetings

Since many meetings or hearings occur in remote or off-site locations, we offer a range of portable solutions that can be easily transported between locations. VIQ Solutions offers a range of digital recording solutions for clients who want a verbatim record of their meetings or hearings that is easy to store. Standalone solutions or integrated as part of a larger networked installation.