Credit packs for Stock Photos, Illustration and Fonts

By: Veer  09-12-2011

Save over 60%

Shopping with credits offers substantial savings – up to 60% – over repeated cash purchases. If you plan to shop at Veer often, credits are a worthwhile investment.

Buy more, save more

Credits are available in the nine differently sized packs shown below. Choose the one that suits your needs. Of course, the bigger the pack, the more you’ll save.

Instant downloads

Credit packs

Credit packs are sized from 12 to 12,000.
Get enough for your current project, or to keep you going all year.

Perfectly sized for small
projects and hobbyists
12 credits $17.04 Save up to 29%
26 credits $36.14 Save up to 30%
50 credits $68 Save up to 32%
Great value for bloggers, freelancers, & small studios
120 credits $158.40 Save up to 34%
300 credits $363 Save up to 39%
600 credits $678 Save up to 43%
Big savings for publishers, agencies, & busy studios
1,000 credits $1,080 Save up to 46%
1,500 credits $1,560 Save up to 48%
2,000 credits $2,020 Save up to 49%
6,000 credits $4,980 Save up to 58%
12,000 credits $9,480 Save up to 60%

Prices and savings shown in AUD. Credits expire 365 days after purchase.
Savings represent maximum amount that can be saved depending on the item purchased.
Savings calculated using the AUD 2.00 cash equivalent of 1 Veer Credit.

What can I get with credits?

26 credits

Credit pack $36.14
Product value $42

14% off

300 credits

Credit pack $363
Product value $452

22% off

2,000 credits

Credit pack $2,020
Product value $3,001

33% off

Load your account with prepaid credits and start
saving on images, fonts, and merch.

Credits expire 365 days after purchase.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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