Vakili Psychological Services - Addictions, Anxiety, Depression, Family Conflict

By: Vakili Psychological  09-12-2011

Choosing the right therapist can be difficult. These pages include information to help you decide if Vakili psychological services are right for you. There are three general factors that are important to consider when choosing the right therapist.

Areas of competence and experience: You will find Dr. Vakili’s areas of expertise in this section and learn about his experience in the bio section.

Therapeutic approach or techniques: Evidence shows that certain therapeutic approaches work better with some conditions and populations than others. Dr. Vakili utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques as fits the concern and the client including: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET), psychodynamic therapy, humanistic/existential, and family therapy.

Therapeutic Alliance: Therapeutic alliance reflects how well your therapist can understand, empathize, and relate to you. A good therapeutic alliance will allow you to feel safe, trusting, and comfortable in your therapeutic relationship. Research has shown that forming a good therapeutic alliance can be as important a determinant of success as the therapist’s technical skills!