Utilitynet - Utility Simplified - site registry

By: Utilitynet  09-12-2011

SITE REGISTRY is a self-service business transaction processing application available as an online service for use by Retailers, Self-Retailers and REAs to help them manage the enrollment, de-enrollment, energizing and/or de-energizing of their customer sites. The functionality of the system gives users the ability to seamlessly interface and interact with all LSAs. The application includes a detailed, time-stamped, site registry data file that supports the load settlement & tariff billing reconciliation processes. Additional functions and features: customer contact and retail-specific information is maintained online, multiple-user access, property site validation, security roles and automated messaging.

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Utilitynet - Utility Simplified - site catalog

Each time SITE REGISTRY is used to enroll a site, the SITE CATALOG is automatically checked to ensure precision in the data files being transmitted. SITE CATALOG allows searching capabilities for basic site information by Site ID or by civic or legal address. Use the system to obtain details on customer sites serviced by each major Wire Operators in Alberta.


Utilitynet - Utility Simplified - isis

The functionality of the process-application is designed to consistently provide a high level of accuracy & confidence that all transaction that may affect the status of an account; are pre & post cross-checked and balanced against the Power Pool, TA & WO invoices for each settlement run.