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By: Userful  09-12-2011
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Everything from the operating system to user applications is installed at once.

Our admin website makes desktop customization and management easy.

Fully loaded with 40+ applications in 30+ languages. Automated updates.

High security is built right in. Users' privacy and security are always assured.

Dramatic savings on IT time. Save as much as 80% on hardware purchases.

Toll-free number, dedicated support team and easy-to-use tools at your service.

Just one CD installs everything you need from the operating system and application software to security, desktop control and automated record-keeping. Users have access to 40+ applications in 30+ languages in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

With Userful Desktop you'll never need to pay for software or worry about upgrades, patches or updates. Hundreds of security safeguards are built in so your desktops are unbreakable and hacker-proof. It's not Windows, so there are no viruses, no spyware, and no headaches. Get to know the ease of managed Linux desktops.

Userful Desktop includes over 40 applications in 30+ languages. Users can surf the web, catch up on work, burn CDs, or just play games. There's even a large-print option for those with vision impairment.

Need safe computer and Internet access for kids? Customize their access to over 30 age-appropriate programs. Child-friendly games and optional access to whitelisted child-friendly web sites are just another part of Userful Desktop's all-in-one solution.

Userful Desktop is locked-down and tamper-proof. When a user logs off, the station is cleared of browser histories and downloaded files. Privacy is guaranteed.

Immunity from viruses, spyware and hackers means no worries about threats from the Internet or from abusive users. Userful Desktop's security architecture and built-in firewall protects it from malware and unauthorized access.

Userful Desktop saves up to 80% of the IT and administrative time usually spent on computing. We can help you achieve more with less.

Hidden costs of traditional managed desktops

Like an iceberg, the largest cost of computing is rarely seen — the time and headaches required to support the workstations. Studies estimate this portion as 80% to 90% of the total cost of ownership.

Consider all the effort needed to fend off viruses, adware, spyware, and prevent hacking and tampering.

Consider the time spent installing patches, upgrades and updates. Consider the time spent testing and troubleshooting.

Consider the planning you pour into selecting software and the work involved in rolling it out. Userful can help you cut your costs and efforts.

Our customers tell us that Userful Desktop offers a better service while cutting their computing costs in half and creating IT time savings of up to 80%. With just one install Userful saves time for IT staff, administrators, and public service staff.

Reduce total cost of ownership:

  • Purchase hardware that comes pre-installed on a fully-loaded desktop
  • Save IT staff time with our comprehensive support package and guarantees
  • Free staff from babysitting and policing computers with the unbreakable desktop

Userful has a proven solution that frees staff for more important assignments and gives users a world-class public computing experience. We can help you achieve more with less.

Our support guarantee is simple: You won't ever need to worry about maintaining or fixing the software on your computers.

At Userful, support isn't just being there when something goes wrong. It's being proactive and continually updating and improving the system based on your requests and your patrons' needs.

Userful Desktop is easy to run. I've never had any formal tech training and am certainly not a computer expert. I sat down and read the manual, opened the box and I'd say we had it together in about 30 minutes. It made perfect sense to me. Nice and simple and easy.

Elaine Wiebe
Assistant Director
Burns Lake Public Library

Keywords: Managed Desktops

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