urica Energy Management Corp

By: Urica  09-12-2011
Keywords: Risk Management, portfolio management, Trading Services

urica delivers a virtual Energy Portfolio and Risk Management Department tailored to your requirements to bring you the lowest cost of physical supply, mitigate your price exposure and to actively manage your energy position. Regardless of whether you are long or short electricity, natural gas, or any other energy related commodity, urica can elevate your understanding and skill level for managing your energy portfolio. The various activities covered in the urica portfolio management service offering include strategic procurement, competitive auctions, market research and monitoring, reporting, budget generation and validation and tracking, policy and program creation and implementation, strategy creation, education, and also business development. Whether you require assistance with all of these facets or just one or two, urica can help you in a manner that is structured for objective advice and assistance. Because urica does not have a commodity position and is remunerated on an hourly basis (as opposed to transactional based activity) we bring unbiased and objective skill, understanding, and advice to our clients.

provides the ability for entities in the energy industry without the economy of scale or necessary skill set to participate in energy markets on a 7x24 basis. Energy markets operate outside of the normal 9:00 to 5:00 weekday time frame, but some companies cannot justify having staff working around the clock. With urica as an independent and position free entity, clients are able to leverage the 7x24 real time trading services on a fractional or part time basis in order to achieve the operational needs without taking on burdensome costs. The real time professionals at urica also provide insight and the necessary unique skill set to optimize revenue and contain costs.

Keywords: portfolio management, Risk Management, Trading Services