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(DRC) works with students, faculty and staff to facilitate an accessible learning environment for students with disabilities. We work with students who have permanent disabilities (i.e., life-long or chronic) and those with temporary impairments (i.e., medical conditions) to identify reasonable academic accommodations that will support them in achieving their academic goals. Disability Resource Centre services are available to prospective students, undergraduate and graduate students.

From the time they enter the University of Calgary, students with documented disabilities can benefit from our services. Every student registered with the Disability Resource Centre meets with an advisor to review their individual learning needs and how their disability impacts the learning process. We provide the following supports:

  • Determine eligibility for academic accommodations: helping you to identify available supports if your disability or temporary impairment creates a barrier to your access to and participation in an academic program
  • Provide adaptive technology supports and training: at the Nat Christie Adaptive Technology Centre, helping you learn to use adaptive technology, such as voice-recognition and screen-reading software, effectively
  • Arrange for a variety of assistive services: providing you with the necessary supports to complete your academic program, including note-takers, sign language interpreters, learning strategists and academic aides
  • Arrange for writing of accommodated exams: enabling you to fulfill academic program requirements with appropriate supports
  • Provide information about funding: giving appropriate information regarding disability-related financial supports
  • ¬†Arrange for assessments of learning difficulties: helping you to understand why you are having academic difficulties and developing a plan to improve academic performance
  • ¬†A quiet, distraction-free study area: enabling you to concentrate fully on your studies

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