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By: Under Wraps  09-12-2011
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  • Wheelchair Use:
    The Under Wraps design makes it ideal for wheel chair use because there is no struggle or effort needed to get arms into sleeves of sweaters or housecoats. Under Wraps does not need to be tucked into the side of the wheel chair. 
    Converted, with the feet into one sleeve, it locks the “lap cover” between the feet and the paddles of the wheel chair; therefore, it does not slip down into the wheels of the chair. The other sleeve at that point will, folded over inward, double as a muff for the hands. The lap cover is ideal for traveling, at outdoor sports events, while camping or at home to warm your legs and feet and cuddle up.

  • Hospital / Caregiver
    It has been confirmed, by both hospital staff and patients, that the use of Under Wraps in a medical and care environment makes daily life for both patient and caregiver more simple and comfortable.
    There is also a psychological benefit provided by the warm soft material, which makes the patient feel safer and less stressed.

  • Mom's and Tot's
    Under Wraps is also used as a nursing blanket for moms: it gives them warmth, privacy while nursing and it doubles as a car seat and stroller cover.

  • Traveling
    While traveling, Under Wraps can be rolled up and used as a neck rest or lumbar support to make long trips such as in cars and planes more comfortable.

  • Other Uses
    As well as being beneficial for elderly and disabled people, uses for Under Wraps are vast and many.
    Our product has been used from relaxing and curling up with a good book, attending outdoor games, traveling, camping to working long hours on the computer in a drafty office.  Everyone seems to have preferences on how, where and why "they" like to use it and that's why our loyal customers make our product so unique..
    Under Wraps is "The Ultimate Hug"

  • Keywords: Hospital Staff, Lap Cover, Lumbar Support, Nursing Blanket, traveling, Wheel, Wheel Chair,