By: Trackflow  09-12-2011
Keywords: Electricity

Smart Demand Side Management has long been a challenge for facility managers and owners.

In today’s markets, energy-minded organizations are looking for the best possible solutions in energy software and hardware to manage their energy costs.

What is Demand Side Management?

The term for all activities or programs undertaken by an electric system or its customers to influence the amount and timing of electricity use. Included in DSM are the planning, implementation, and monitoring of utility activities that are designed to influence consumer use of electricity in ways that will produce desired changes in a utility’s load shape, such as, among other things, direct load control, interruptible load and conservation.

Trackflow has been successful in establishing its’ Internet client base in government and private sector, as well as in the oil and gas, manufacturing, and commercial sectors. Trackflow is a leader in this technology, providing our clients with instant and accurate information to assist them in running the most efficient operations possible, while minimizing operating costs and maximizing company profits. Trackflow leads the way with our SDSM modules designed for commercial/industrial and municipal building energy management. Our modules are comprised of real-time web based applications and forecasting tools to help your business optimize its’ energy consumption, also reducing overtime and travel costs because of web based diagnostics. As the leader in demand side management, Trackflow provides you with personal access to our secure web site, giving you real-time data, automated or manual load control based on your set parameters and critical operations. Load shedding and/or shifting, reporting, graphing, alarming, and trend analysis can all be done for each individual client. The SDSM modules were developed with our customers’ needs in mind. All of our software applications reside at Trackflow's main operation center in Calgary, Alberta. Our services are delivered via the Internet, eliminating the need to install our software at client sites.

Keywords: Electricity