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By: Tower Physio  09-12-2011
Keywords: Rehabilitation, Pilates, Muscles

Pilates is a unique systematic exercise approach for general fitness, sport specific training and rehabilitation that increases strength, flexibility, balance and more natural body control.

The system consists of 1000's of exercises, using special equipment - the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, various Barrels and Small Apparatus - as well as floor work on a Mat.

Pilates develops the body from the "inside-out". Harnessing the deepest abdominal, pelvic floor and spinal muscles, Pilates trains the body to move more efficiently from a profound level.  With continued practice over time, an accurate and well balanced Pilates program can diminish faulty postural habits that contribute to chronic problems.

The method originated with German-born Joseph Pilates. It is based on his experiences in rehabilitation and wellness, and on disciplines including weight training, martial arts and yoga. In 1923, Joseph immigrated to New York where he designed and built his original equipment and opened his studio…. which still thrives today.

From the 1930's through the 1980's, Pilates was the "best kept secret" of professional dancers, elite athletes and Hollywood jetsetters. Over the past 20 years as exercise science has evolved, it is increasingly common to find Pilates in physiotherapy clinics, athletic training centers, mainstream fitness clubs and dedicated studios. Today, Pilates is widely accepted and endorsed around the world as a proven functional approach to overall fitness and rehabilitation for men and women of any age.

Benefits of Regular Pilates

• Develop stronger core strength and joint stability

• Build a healthy, flexible and stronger spine

• Boast athletic performance

• Improve posture

• Increase overall muscle tone, flexibility and strength

• Reduce tension in the neck and shoulders

• Acquire better body awareness and control

• Enhance coordination and balance

• Improve function of circulatory and respiratory systems

• Reduce mental stress

Pilates For Rehabilitation

Pilates exercises with clinical modifications have been proven to enhance and accelerate recovery from injuries and chronic conditions. By strengthening and balancing the muscles around the joints, musculoskeletal strain and pain are reduced.  Undesirable patterns of muscle activation are identified and corrected with equipment and exercises that minimize stress to tissues. Programs are developed to build and reinforce more healthy neuromuscular patterns of movement.

Keywords: Muscles, Pilates, Rehabilitation