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Every year, billions of dollars worth of natural gas are wasted as natural gas is burned or flared at oil fields across the world. Gas flaring — the process of burning off associated gas from..

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Originating out of Newfoundland, Canada, twenty years ago, The Oil and Gas Magazine started from humble beginnings servicing the offshore industry in the Atlantic Canadian region. Since then, it’s..

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Being an Idealist Over the last twenty years publishing The Oil and Gas Magazine, people have often referred to our vision for the magazine and our energy industry solutions as idealistic. People..

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The Arab Business Club is a society formed by the Arab World’s elite with the desire to develop trustworthy business relations across the globe. Breaking through barriers of nationality and..

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Business success is directly proportionate to communication success. Most people don’t stop long enough to realize it, but from the time you start your work day, to the time you leave work, you are..

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by Tina Olivero This article will save you time and money as you learn to discern people’s characters and finally pick the right partners, team players and business allies for your success. It will..

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by Tanya Alexander If you had heard a decade ago that Newfoundland and Labrador’s public education system would be teaching the labour force of an Arab nation to process oil and natural gas, you..

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by Tina Olivero Trust is an integral part of human nature. It is the most important difference between a good relationship and a bad relationship. From an early start, trust is sought for, responded..

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by Tina Olivero Employee-preneurs are a new breed of worker that will excel above all others in the 21st Century. This era of recession, plummeting profits and stressful business conditions is..

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For twenty years, Cox & Palmer has been working with clients in all aspects of the oil and gas industry, from upstream to downstream.

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