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By: The Stem  09-12-2011
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iPhone/iPad Physical Damage RepairThey are mobile devices, and they can go through a rough life. If you have been too rough on your device, I can replace the glass and LCD of both these devices. I can also replace buttons and sensors.
iPhone Battery ReplacementBatteries don’t last forever, even if you do take good care of them. If your device just doesn’t seem to last as long between charges, you may need a new battery, I can take care of it.
MacBook and MacBook Pro LCD/Glass ReplacementI’ve seen a lot of cracked LCD’s on MacBooks in my time, and the glass on the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros is not unbreakable.
Mac OS X TroubleshootingEven though it is stable, problems can creep in, and you may find yourself faced with odd crashes, no start up or the dreaded Kernel Panic screen. Since software is not covered under warranty, I can work out software issues on any warranty or non warranty system.
Crashed Hard Drive RecoveryGetting the spinning gear at start up, or has your system suddenly become very slow to respond? You hard drive may be on it’s last legs. If you have important files on there, I may be able to get them off!
Liquid Damage AssessmentsI’ve seen everything spilled on a computer, water, milk, and my personal favorite, cat vomit. All of these don’t have the most positive effect on your computer, but if you get power away from it fast enough, there is hope. I can tear it down and clean it up.
TrainingIf you are new to the Macintosh, or perhaps you just want to find out how to use your system more effectively, you can book a training session. Using non technical jargon and real world associations, I’ll get you up to speed in no time.

Keywords: Glass