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By: The Metaphysical Center Of Canada  09-12-2011

You can assist in the energies as they are brought through for the changes to be brought to our world and our universe.

If you wish to assist in the Universail & Global activations and initiations that we will be part of as we walk this sacred path.  You may join us energetically by following the directions given below and our itinerary posted below.

Sit in meditation each day with your intention to connect to the matrix of light that is being created and ask that to serve the highest and greatest good of all, in unity and harmony at all levels of creation, that you support the light in it's path of evolution at this time for our Earth and our Universe and all levels of Creation.

Rose with the Masters and Beings of Light will be facilitating daily meditations, assisting with the ceremonies and gatherings that are performed, and having group gatherings. 

Details may change based on the flow and guidance of the spiritual energies as things happen in the moment. You may join us energetically as we walk this sacred path.


NOTE: each morning there is a group meditation to start the day.

Oct 18: Orientation first group meeting. Setting the energies and matrix.

Oct 19: Purification/Cleansing ceremony with shaman/healer for each participant. Evening prayers at Pura Dalem Temple.

Oct 20: Teachings from the Masters with Rose. Purification/Cleansing ceremonies continued from Oc 19.  Go to Asharm of Shaman for group and Community prayers and ceremonies for the evening.

Oct 21: Teachings from the Masters with Rose. Private Mask Dance and talk with a Balinese Teacher. Go to Goa Gadjah cave (Siva and Ganesh Temple) to give offerings and prayers. Water blessing at Holy water site near the cave.

Oct 22: Teachings from the Masters with Rose. Afternoon with one of the shamans.

Oct 23: Boat to Nusa Penida Island for ceremony with Rose and Shamans then to Pura Dalem Ped Temple.

Oct 24: Teachings from the Masters with Rose. Options for free afternoon.

Oct 25: Sacred Bathing Ceremony at Tirta Empul. Teachings from the Masters with Rose.

Oct 26: Activities for this day to be announced.

Oct 27: Morning activity to be announced. Visit to High priest and cleansing ceremony for the group. Evening at Ashram of Shaman for prayer and ceremony.

Oct 28: Activities for this day to be announced.

Oct 29: Transfer to Beach Hotel. Evening prayers and ceremony at 3 sacred temples with Rose and Shaman (Pemutaran, Blatung, Melanting).

Oct 30: Day free for snorkeling excursion to Menajangan Island.

Oct 31: Final group meeting. Messages from the Masters and completion of the energies for the matrix that was created. Energy preparation for going home. Farewell Dinner.

Nov 1: Final Moring meditation with Rose and final breakfast. Everyone going on to share their gift of light to the world. 

For further information please contact:
Rose Sangregorio & Terry Gaupmann at Metaphysical Center of Canada Corporation,
Email: Ph: 403- 295-7507 or Fax: 403-2081428.

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