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In a session with Rose, find out what the meaning of your life is through various sessions of meditation, channeling and connection to spirit.  Transform what is holding you back from being at your fullest potential.

Learn your true essence and inner power, improve your relationships with loved ones and reduce stress and feelings of depression by increasing overall health.

Learn to love your work and live your life in a happy and content manner.



Lecture / Healing Group Sessions
With Rose and the Spiritual Guidance and insights she brings through. Personal questions may be asked, and as the response is given on the personal level, others will also benefit from recieving the insights from the spiritual planes of understanding. Call us to see how you can host Rose for one of these sessions.

Private Readings
This reading offers an insight on your present life path here on earth. You will discover your special gifts; the purpose of your life; where you are headed as well as past life influences. A reading becomes a self-assessment. We will uncover blocks preventing you from growing spiritually, your abilities and strengths, as well as who surrounds and guides you through your incredible life journey (your spiritual guides and teachers).

Depending on what you are looking for, a private reading can be arranged for different lengths of time, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour or longer in 15 minute increments.  When you contact us we can help you decide what is the best length for you.

Color and Sound Healing
A powerful session of healing using toning, tuning forks, color and liquid: crystal, oil and flower essences. Each chakra will be opened, energized, balanced, aligned, and connected using sound and color techniques. Includes balancing of the energy body and the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

With Terry Gaupmann

Yhandi's Inner Light
The Inner Light Rescue session gives you the exact picture of your behavior pattern when frightened, stressed, or maybe just tired. Seeing this pattern and having the ability to let go of this old behavior allows you to create a new way to handle stress -- with creativity! Our unconscious can rule us if we are not aware. Live life more effectively without the old control patterns and with total creativity. This turns every potential disaster into a beautiful opportunity. You also improve your inner adult and inner child relationshiop to rediscover your abilities to create and manifest with purpose. You integrate these energies for complete harmony, creativity and freedom to choose what you want out of life.

Shuneaj Integration Therapy
Is a spiritual purification process that releases the trapped negative energies that block you from expressing your higher self and creative abilities. The process connects you with your spiritual/angelic self and clears your chakras (energy field). This session works mostly with archetypes, fragments of the past and ancestral blocks.

Wholistic Spiritual Healing Intensive
(with Rose & Terry) Available upon request

Ro-Hun Card Reading
A blend of spiritual and psychological processes working together, reaching deep down into the subconscious to discover energy blocks that limit you or create negative feelings. The card session will uncover the negative thoughts or behavior pattern that is causing the limitation and through understanding and forgiveness, the energy block and belief is cleared, and healing occurs. RoHun works from a spiritual perspective assisting in giving the person a profound insight to their inner/subconscious self, creating a stronger spiritual awareness.

With Terry Gaupmann

This powerful but gentle spiritually guided healing energy flows through the practitioner to the recipient. Experience peace, calm and well being as you receive this Universal Life Force energy, that assists you in healing body, mind and spirit.

With Terry Gaupmann

Forgiveness Process
A re-patterning of the consciousness of the blood using visualization, energy clearing, and balancing. Through forgiveness and love, limitation of thoughts and feelings are cleared and the consciousness of peace and love is restored.

With Terry Gaupmann

And Much more..

Depending on what answers or healing you are looking for, sessions will be customized to suit your needs.

A recording of some types of your private session will be yours to keep.

NOTE: Sessions with Rose are by telephone only.  Some of the other sessions are in person and some can be done by telephone.

Keywords: healing, Metaphysical Center

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