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By: The Metaphysical Center Of Canada  09-12-2011
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The Metaphysical Center of Canada is proud to make the following Books and CDs available online.

Journey to Self-Enlightenment

by Rose “Shuneaj” Sangregorio

This book is based on a compilation of classes I have taught and the information I have received from the masters for providing instruction in the  self-enlightenment process. It is written with the intention that your journey to self-enlightenment is a joyful and graceful time of self-discovery as you express who you truly are.

Energy Meditations

  1. Track 1 - Chakra Breath
    "Cleanse & Purify Chakras. Activate the Pineal Gland using the Ida and the Pingala energy paths"

    (Length: 34 min.)Track 2 - Meet your Higher Self
    "Accessing Insight and Guidance from your own Higher Self(Length: 25 min.)

  2. (Length: 20 min.)Track 2- Igniting the Flame Within
    "Four Body Systems -- Chakra Cleansing and Clearing."

    (Length: 30 min.)

  3. (Length: 34 min.)

    Track 2 - One With All Creation

    "Accessing Insights & Guidance in Oneness with All Creation."
  4. (Length: 40 min.) Track 2 - Uniting With Your Inner Child
    "Heal & Create a loving connection with your Inner Child. This helps you to heal the self sabotage and what might be stoping you from healing yourself. "

    (Length: 20 min.)

Conscious Connection

  1. I Am
    "Connect & Anchor to your "I Am" presence. Clears the body systems, grounds you, opens your heart and creates connection to your Divine self." (Length: 10 min.)
    (Length: 10 min.)

Ascension Meditations

  1. (CD not available at this time. Please check the online store to purchase the downloadable file for TRACK 2)
    Track 1 - Lecture: February 11, 2004
    "Creating a new reality". Recorded live in Calgary, AB Canada.Track 2 - Meditation: Gift of the Holy Spirit
    "When all is balanced and aligned in harmony; the gifts of the Holy Spirit will pour forth (accessing your Divine Mission and Original Covenant with God)." (Lenth: 33 mins.)
  2. (CD not available at this time.  Please check the online store to purchase the downloadable files for both meditations.)
    Track 1 - Meet the Karmic Board
    "(and Ascended Masters) Receive healing, wisdom, knowledge and understanding regarding your karma"(Length: 24 min.)
    (Check online store to purchase this downloadable file)
    Track 2 - Twin Soul / Twin Flame / Divine Alchemical Marriage(Length: 25 min.)

  3. (Length: 26 min.) Track 2 - Core Fear Clearing & Healing
    "Cosmic Clearing, Healing & Ascension Activation with the Ascended Masters."
    (Length: 26 min.)
  4. Four Body System
    (Check online store to purchase downloadable file)
    "Heals & Clears 4 Body System; Integrates with the I Am presence to express your highest and greatest potential in your daily life. (A spontaneously composed unique soul signature)"

    (Length: 54 min.)

  5. (Length: 37 min.)Track 2 - Reconnect DNA & Activate Your Ascension
    "Assisted by the Great White Brotherhood of Light."
    (Length: 32 min.)

"Special thanks goes to Dr. Joshua David Stone for the material he has written on the Ascension Process."

FINALLY! A book that demsystifies the whole gambit of metaphysical jargon! This book could have also been subtitled " Awakening Techniques for the Time Challenged"!

Calgary based teacher and founder of the Metaphysical Center of Canada Corporation, Rose Sangregorio, has successfully compiled and outlined all the information one ever wanted to know about ascension, initiation, the Masters, the 12 chakras, the 12 rays and more. She provides explanations, tools, techniques, ideas, exercises and resources for applying the best  "of all of it" in your every day life while on a spiritual path. From "What is ascension?" right through to "Who is Lord Metatron?" Rose guides you on a journey of discovery and introduces you to practical methods and resources to accelerate your own growth and spiritual awareness.

Rose's personal story as a single mother finding her way is compelling and accessible, as through her own story she represents the quest many of us are on to make sense of the incredible complexity and options available to the spiritual seeker at this time. Her insistence in staying grounded in the body with each level of initiaion and with each meditation, reflects in the grounded nature of this simple to read and well organized book.

As a healer, teacher and spiritual counselor, Rose continues to coach people to access disharmony within themselves and bring this into harmony while creating a stronger spiritual connection. She shares her knowledge, experience and wisdom through her workshiop, lectures, seminars, and spiritual pirlgirmages. Through these modalities and now through her book she assists individuals to reach their highest potential.

Congratulations Rose on this road map to our interieor lanscape.

- Carollyne MacLean, Soul Path Solutions, Facilitating Conscious Evolution

Journey to Self-Enlightenment by Rose Sangregorio is an easy to read, well organized book that has successfully compiled and outlined the information a spiritual seeker wants to know about ascension, initiation, the Ascended Masters, the 12 chakras, the 12 rays and more. Rose guides you on a journey of self-discovery and introduces you to practical methods and resources to accelerate your journey of self-discovery and intoduces you to practical methods and resources to accelerate your own growth and spiritual awareness. The gift of Journey to Self Enlightenment teaches you to have the ability to stay grounded and centered in your physical body and let life flow around so you can enjoy the experience and all of the abundace that this inner peace and spiritual awareness will bring into your life.

- Caroline Conway

Journey to Self-Enlightenment is a very useful guide and reference book in the journey of any spiritual aspirant. It makes a great how-to companion to Tolle's book, The New Earth. Aspirants will find themselves referring to Journey to Self-Enlightnment often!

Dear all, I have often heard people lament that they wished there was a book that explained the fundamentals of spirituality. Likewise, when I speak with someone who is beginning on the path, they often ask if there is a book that they can buy that explains all of this. Up to know, I have pretty much shrugged my shoulders. Now, there is a book that explains the fundamentals - and more - it also explains how to put them into practice. The book is Journey to Self-Enlightenment by Rose "Shuneaj" Sangregorio.
- Michael Hendrickson, Retired Partner, Big 4 Acconting Firm

Keywords: Metaphysical Center

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