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By: The Kindred Teahouse  09-12-2011

Inshala! The first home for the Kindred Teahouse! The plans frantically spur into action as we made final preparations the birth our business of life, love and sustainability. In the weeks preceding Inshala we we’re literally busy manifesting the Teahouse in every spare minute, especially the last week! I haven’t been to so many department stores and shops in one week before. Tea steeping supplies here, plumbing supplies for the kiosk there, hot and cold cups here, booth supplies there, more plumbing supplies here, more kiosk supplies there, back and forth, on and on! And then the unforeseen issues arise, so we reshape our plans, slightly alter our vision, and press on. The kiosk itself, the two counters-on-wheels with all of the plumbing inside, literally came together in a workable fashion on the Friday that we left for Inshala! And certainly not in a final form, it didn’t even have a tap!

This is only one side of the story though. All the while that we were scurrying around preparing frantically, we were also preparing to move out of our house and into our bus! Through some questionable planing decision we had decided to permanently move into our decommissioned 2000 Ford E-350 Handi-Bus the same weekend that we had our first scheduled vending event. I have never been so busy in my life, and it feels great! I enjoy my free time as much as the next person (and I look forward to having some one day!), but the satisfaction of working so hard to enable a dream that the three of us hold so dear is astounding! Perhaps you can sense my enthusiasm by the exclamation points?

Anyway, Inshala was beautiful! We arrived and set up Friday night, and were immediately greeted with a glowing positive response. Everyone was very appreciative for the presence of wonderful tea’s in the sacred Inshala space, as we were so appreciative to be there! The festival seemed to grow, blossoming in it’s new, more natural space. I look forward to contributing to future Inshala’s, the most nourishing of celebrations, for body, mind and soul.

As for us, we are at North Country Fair right now! I’m taking a few minutes to take a break and write you, as I’ve had no free time in the week leading up to this point. But that’s another story…

Life is limitless, the path to your dreams is always simply a choice away. We are happy, excited and living our dream!

See you at the next event.

The Kindred Teahouse crew