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By: The Garage Store  09-12-2011

It is important to remember that heat is not hot air. Heat is actually infrared energy which behaves in a similar manner to visible light with the exception that the human eye cannot see low range infrared energy. The infrared waves of energy are emitted off the burner tube at the speed of light and travel in a straight line until they are either reflected or hit an object. When the infrared waves hit an object; the energy causes the molecules on the surface to react. This action generates heat, which is then transferred throughout the object by conduction. The object then becomes a radiant emitter, and in turn, heats the air around it. The infrared heater’s reflector redirects the energy emitted from the upper portion of the tube downward towards the floor.

For consumers who want a comfortable, care-free life style, the Ultimate Garage Heater is here. These unique, gas fired heaters produce infrared waves which heat the objects in the space, rather than the air. The results are spectacular. Imagine a heater that delivers not only warm dry floors, quiet draft-free heat, but also consumes 30 – 40% less fuel than forced air heaters.

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Calgary's source for the bestmotorized vehicle lifts

Our most popular 4 post car lifts are excellent for the storage of Classic Cars, ATV's, Motorcycles, Boats, Ski Doos or your Lawn equipment. If you are a hobbyist or professional mechanic, you will certainly appreciate the power of the automotive lifts by Lift king. Lift King is Canada's Largest car lift supplier for shops and garages.


Calgary's source for the bestgarage door seals

Direct water away from the door via gutters and eaves, and allow a drainage area in front of the door that prevents splashing or bouncing water from hitting the lower section of the door, if possible. Garage doors represent the face of your garage, so you'll need to consider the style, material, and function of your door before purchasing the proper one for your needs.


Calgary's source for the bestgarage metal cabinets

Unlike most wood cabinets that are not engineered to be moved, metal cabinets can be moved from site to site without any structural deterioration.When sourcing a metal cabinet system look for engineering and fabrication features that include:• Heavy gauge-- 16 to 18 gauge steel construction.


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For bike owners that intend to ride their bike for exercise, or to lose weight, it is important that their bike is stored efficiently, and is simple to remove from storage, because when it’s easy to use, it’s easy to lose. Typically, bicycle owners will seldom ride their bike if it is difficult to take out of storage, and may not receive the health benefits that someone that rides their bike more often would.


Calgary's source for the bestgarage wood cabinets

Common materials used include heavy-duty plastic, which can make freestanding cabinets that don’t need to be hung on garage walls, while others are made of wood or pressboard. There are quite a few types of garage cabinets and they can be made of many different materials and in many different shapes and sizes. People can choose to buy a single cabinet, or numerous ones from many different cabinet stores, and from many home improvement stores.


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A full range of fixed and adjustable organization/storage accessories are available, including a large assortment of bike hooks, hoists and racks, adjustable and fixed overhead storage racks, various hooks and baskets, magnetic bars and pulley systems and work stations, to name a few. The Garage Store storage accessories offer versatile and convenient storage options to maximize the efficiency of your garage and home.


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Protecting your garage floor from oil and dirt is also a measure to protect yourself from allergies or injuries when you are in the garage. If you like the basic cement gray, you should at least consider a sealant to protect the surface from unsightly oil or paint stains. Keeping the floor of your garage clean is not only a matter of aesthetics. Is it storing the family car, or is it going to be your work area.