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By: The Flower Group  09-12-2011
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The Flower Group carries an extensive variety of fresh flowers, fillers, and greens that we stock throughout the week, not to mention our range of floral supplies. Shop any day you choose, including Saturday mornings, and we'll supply you with all your floral product needs.

Within Canada, we proudly buy from BC and Alberta.

Most of the fresh product is seasonal and during certain periods of the year are at peak quality. The Flower Group has created special programs built around these peak periods and each year programs are offered that set a quantity and price for each week of the season. Listed below are some of our most popular flowers and associated programs.

  • Alstromeria

    Alberta Alstromeria is a premium, large bloom, bright color bunch that is used in wedding bouquets and as feature flowers in arrangements. It comes in 5 stem bunches.

    South American Alstromeria comes in 10 stem bunches and has a smaller bloom and a different color selection. Both are available year round.

  • Calla Lilies

    New Zealand’s season begins in the fall months and lasts about 3½ months. These growers provide rich, fabulous trumpet shaped Callas in a variety of colors including yellow, purple (almost black), mango, gold, pink, mauve, red and white.

    South America provides large white and green Calla Lilies. These Arum Lilies are carried year-round and are much larger than the New Zealand or Alberta varieties. They are about 2½ feet tall with a thick stem and come in 5 stem bunches.

    Alberta and Holland supply Calla Lilies referred to as Calla Posies or Mini Callas. These lilies are small to medium in size and are often used for delicate wedding work. They come in the same color variety as New Zealand Callas.

  • Carnations

    Carnations come in 25 stem bunches and Mini-carnations come in 10 stem bunches. Both are inexpensive, long lasting, and well known. They are available in cases of assorted colors (red, white, pink and novelty) or all novelty (no red, white or pink). Novelty colors include numerous solid and two-tone shades. During special seasons, solid color cases or special color mixes are offered.

  • Freesia

    Freesia is offered on a year-round standing order program in which customers purchase 5 bunches of assorted colors per week. The selling price for standing order customers is reviewed annually. The Freesia is greenhouse grown and supplied directly from a BC grower. Freesia from Holland is also available and is often purchased for special event orders.

  • Gerbera

    The Gerbera daisy and Mini-gerbera are grown in BC and packaged in cases of 50 (Gerbera) and 60 (Mini-gerbera). Customers who wish to place a standing order on assorted colors receive a price discount. The winter price is higher than the summer prices due to costs associated with the operation of the greenhouses. The customer commits to a minimum quantity per 12 month period. Special colors can be ordered if the customer is willing to purchase a minimum of 10 stems.

  • Gladiolus

    BC Gladiolus are available from late July through to mid September. These Glads are available in premium 10 stem bunches and medium 5 stem bunches. During the rest of the year Glads are imported from California or Florida and come in premium 10 stem bunches. When in season, the price for BC Glads is less than half of the imported price.

  • Lilies

    The Flower Group relies heavily on greenhouse grown Alberta Lilies. These Lilies are favored by customers as they are high quality and well priced. Our suppliers provide an outstanding variety of Asiatic, Oriental, and Calla Lilies. The Asiatic Lilies come in orange, yellow, dark rust, pink, white, and burgundy. Oriental Lilies include pink, white, yellow and two-tone shades. The Oriental Lilies generally have larger, more fragrant blooms than Asiatic Lilies. The Asiatic Lilies come in bunches of 10 stems and the Orientals come 5 stems per bunch. We carry Alberta Lilies year-round and supplement our supply with BC, California and Dutch growers when required.

  • Orchids

    Thailand provides many Orchid varieties and colors. Weekly, we import Dendrobiums (purple, dyed blue, white, lavender, pink and green), Oncidiums (yellow), Mokaras (spotted pink, purple, orange, white, green and yellow), James Story (red and yellow) and Friendship (red) orchids.

    New Zealand’s Cymbidium and mini Cymbidium season is May to August. Large and mini Cymbidium stems come in yellow, green, pink, and white. Plus, seasonal colors such as burgundy and brown are sometimes available.

    BC’s large and mini cymbidium season is September to May. These cymbidiums come in yellow, green, pink, white and seasonal brown and burgundy. Special orders can be made for Catalayas, Jaffet and Phalaenopsis.

  • Roses

    Roses come in many colors and varieties as well as length, head size and grade. Consequently, roses are categorized by region (supplier), then length and name (variety). Year-round, we carry a superb rose from California (Eufloria) that can be used for wedding work and to fill the “best rose” orders. Roses from Ecuador (Greenrose) are premium roses with large heads, 50cm and 60cm stem lengths and come in a wide variety of reds and colors. Our regular South American roses are an excellent mid-priced rose. They are available in a rainbow of colors and are well priced for every day use. A case price is available on all varieties when purchased on a weekly basis (standing order).

  • Sprays

    “Sprays” is a term that includes a large variety of spray chrysanthemums. Sprays come mainly in purple, lavender, white, yellow, and green plus some seasonal and novelty colors. The varieties include daisies, cushions, flat tops, and buttons. Cases include 22 bunches (5 stems per bunch) and can be ordered in solid colors and special mixes for the seasonal holidays.

  • Tropicals

    Costa Rica is our supplier of a variety of tropical flowers.

    Ginger, Heliconia and Anthurium are brightly colored and “exotic” looking flowers supplied throughout the year. Additionally, fabulous tropical greens are included from this supplier. These products are well priced and available year round.

  • Tulips

    Dutch: The Dutch Bulb Farm Tulips are very popular when in season. They are available from January to early May and come in assorted case lots of 200 stems. Each case includes a mixture of 6 colors, 10 to 12 inches in length, with a nice bloom size, bunched in 10. When in season these tulips are an excellent quality for a very reasonable price. Cases can be purchased on standing order.

    BC: Greenhouse tulips come on the market from mid February to early May. There is a good color mix and they come in both 5 and 10 stem bunches.

    BC: Field tulips become available once the weather warms and are available through the month of April. These tulips are typically smaller than greenhouse grown tulips, priced less and are packaged in 5 stem bunches.

  • Waxflower

    California waxflower is available throughout the winter and spring. It is a popular filler with colorful blooms that contribute nice foliage to an arrangement. It comes in purple, pink, white, died yellow and died orange.

    Australia supplies waxflower throughout the summer and fall in the same colors as provided from California.

  • Keywords: Lilies

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