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By: Terramin Research Laboratories  09-12-2011
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Nature's first mineral mask

TerraSilk is an all-natural, ionic mask and body wrap clay mineral powder. Hydrated to a paste, the natural ionic minerals soothe, tone, and clean your skin. Your complexion will be instantly brighter, fresher, and younger-looking.

No other product on the market better supports natural cleansing of skin, pores, and sub-dermal layers to keep your skin healthy, toned, and youthful.

This powerful antimicrobial cleans your skin and contains 57 trace minerals that can help revitalize and restore your skin's healthy glow.

 Because it is composed of nanoparticles that are straight from nature, TerraSilk can easily penetrate deeper into your skin better than most man-made topical cleansers. The result is protected, supple, brighter skin.

Facial treatment: Blend TerraSilk  with water to create a smooth paste and surround your face with the clay. In minutes you'll feel it begin to revive and caress your skin. As the mixture dries, you can see the complex of trace minerals within the clay working to pull out impurities while nourishing your complexion.

Perfect massage clay for therapeutic, deep skin treatments.

  • TerraSilk is 100% topical-grade, pure calcium montmorillonite clay; it is the new remineralization treatment that everyone is talking about. This is the treatment that delivers observable improvements in skin vitality. This healing mud loves your skin.

Keywords: body wrap, Calcium Montmorillonite, Clay, Minerals,

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