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By: Techcorr  09-12-2011
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TechCorr has the robotic technology to reduce the amount of time that manpower is needed in the tank.  This is a key advantage when talking safety on large tank projects which typically have men in a confined space for a month or more removing thousands of barrels of sludge.  TechCorr can utilize robotics inside of the tank instead of manpower to perform 85% to 90% of the sludge removal.  TechCorr's Scavenger XT® 2000 is the alternative to manpower for cleaning heavy oil tanks with large amounts of sludge for removal.

TechCorr can provide hydroblasting services on tanks, vessels, towers and drums and flow right into an inspection to expedite your equipment being put back to use.  We can provide the hydroblasting of a tank from the floor all the way to the underside of the roof if needed.

The Acoustic Inspection System measures the volume and topology of sludge sediments in the bottom of liquid storage tanks (e.g. crude oil).

TechCorr's Track Driven Robotic Unit is a remotely-operated, hydraulically driven, track-propelled vehicle designed for removing sludge from a variety of containments. It's capable of handling most types of sludge, over a wide range of viscosity density, and other physical characteristics. The Track Driven Robotic Unit is equipped with diluent injection and wash down capability. Operator visibility is provided by an on-board video system, or a secondary system which may be located anywhere that is convenient for the operator.

In support of our well drilling, conventional tank cleaning and hydroblast services, TechCorr has the capabilities to provide vacuum truck services for the removal and transportation of liquid streams.  Often, projects are held up due to the coordination of vacuum truck services, but we at TechCorr strive to provide turnkey services to avoid costly delays and standby charges to our customers.

Due to the rising costs of waste disposal, waste minimisation has become a key driver in projects at facilities world wide. Preventing the disposal of stream lines that can be captured and routed back to the facility is a must in today’s times.  TechCorr believes in looking at every project from a waste minimisation perspective.

Keywords: Robotics, tank

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Engineering Services

TechCorr offers a wide range of corrosion and mechanical integrity engineering solutions to our clients using qualified, experienced, certified and reliable individuals that are experts in the subject matter. Process and Flow Modeling for estimation of corrosion velocities and/or identification of critical areas and bottlenecks and/or flow assurance for oil/gas equipment.


Inspection and Testing Services

Our clients rely on TechCorr for managing their day to day inspection and testing requirements whether rolling out a mechanical integrity program, supporting expansion projects, or providing additional support during routine and emergency plant outages.