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By: Tarco  09-12-2011
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Today, our motiv control system has established Tarco as an industry leader in the provision of advanced, plc-based, turn-key solutions for rotating machinery controls.  Employing a unique blend of highly skilled engineers, technologists, technicians, and programmers, our team has established Tarco among the most highly respected rotating equipment controls experts in the world. 


Our commitment to the constant advancement and innovation of our motiv control system, based on a fully open architecture applicable to all commonly implemented hardware platforms, continues to set us apart from our competition.  Incorporating over 150 years of cumulative engineering experience in turbine control programming, design and operation, we believe there is no better turbine control system in the marketplace than our motivTCS. 

All motivTCS products can include the following functions:

· Alarm and shutdown

· Surge control

· Fuel control (governor)

· Start sequencing

· Auxiliary system control

· Valve sequencing

· Process valve control

· Engine/compressor/generator diagnostics

· Vibration monitoring

· End device diagnostics

The motivTCS is an open architecture design, it is completely expandable and ideal for new installations or control system upgrades.

· Turbine-Compressor

· Turbine-Pump

· Turbine-Generator

· Maritime Gas Turbine


Tarco offers an advanced anti-surge control solutions to OEMs and end-users that provide significant cost savings when compared to traditional ‘black-box’ approaches. Anti-surge control, compressor control, and process control functions are all tightly integrated into a single package where separate controllers are not required for each key function. This eliminates complicated and troublesome communication, increases reliability and decreases cost.

Over the past decade Tarco has developed a group of ladder logic code-sets that can be hosted in many different control systems. Flexibility of controller platforms means a lower cost of ownership by integrating compressor solutions into the user’s preferred PLC controller and DSC system.

Benefits of the motiv Anti-Surge Control Systems:

· Integrated control capability

· Open architecture system

· Non-proprietary interfaces

· Simplified interface to DCS or SCADA Features

· Single & Multi-Stage Machines

· Integrated Air/Fuel Ratio Option

· Rich to Lean Burn 


Tarco's motivRCS control systems provide cost-effective control retrofits for reciprocating engine and electric motor driven compressor packages. The PLC-based system can include speed control (governor), torque control, air/fuel ratio control, ignition timing set point generation, temperature controllers, capacity control, DCS/SCADA interface, and a graphic operator interface for system status, trending and data logging.

Tarco has expertise in various types and models such as:

· Dual Fuel - natural gas and diesel at the same time

· Turbo-charged - a compression of the combustion air to get more horse power output

· Lean Burn - special combustion control to reduce NOx formation

· Gasification - injecting a percentage of natural gas into a diesel engine

Benefits of the motiv Reciprocating Control Systems:

· Integrated control capability

· Open architecture system

· Non-proprietary interfaces

· Simplified interface to DCS or SCADA

· Standard industrial components

· Improved Reliability

· Improved start-up and fuel regulation 


Tarco developed the motivFCS to address the needs of our clients requiring only the upgrade of the turbine fuel control system or governor, it's virtually a “plug and play” retrofit solution.

The motivFCS has been installed world-wide, proving to be an excellent, reliable solution-especially where budgets are limited and a full motivTCS system isn’t required to effectively upgrade or retrofit the overall control system. In some cases, our clients only need to upgrade their existing fuel control or governor and do not require full package control. The motivFCS is a cable for cable, point for point replacement unit designed to quickly and affordably retrofit existing analog or obsolete digital controls.

Offering fully digital, complete ramp control of over 250, on average, fuel control parameters by the user directly from HMI touch screen, the motivFCS is the perfect retrofit solution for controllers such as the Woodward 501. Because the motivFCS incorporates 100% of the customization and functionality of the motivTCS but is focused solely on fuel control, clients world-wide have found this solution to be an excellent, reliable and easy to implement product, especially where budget constraints are a consideration but technological improvement is necessary.

motivFCS Fuel Control System integrations include;

• Allied Signal

• Dresser

• GE

• Kawasaki

• Lycoming

• Pratt & Whitney


It is Tarco’s intellectual property which powers our proprietary software within all the motiv product lines and affords Tarco a real edge over our competition. motivCSS is adaptable to virtually any plc-based platform, it's customizable, affordable, allows for full or restricted control right from our built-in HMI, and can be remotely monitored, controlled, and updated.

Tarco’s proprietary software powers all our motiv product lines offering consistent, reliable, and easy to use interface controls, programming flexibility and adaptability, reporting, trending all fully customizable while still remaining affordable. Incorporating the latest in touch screen functionality, remote access capability, communication and backup innovations, the motiv CSS Control System Software provides the best of cutting edge technology in a retrofit suitable package.

A key benefit of motivCSS is the ability for clients to standardize control interfaces and programming throughout their facilities. Even though they may be running turbines from different manufacturers and using those turbines for different tasks, the motivCSS interfaces with the greatest of ease.

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