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By: Tammy Laframboise  09-12-2011
Keywords: Mortgage, Debt Consolidation, Refinancing

Verico: Mortgage Planning Central is a full service mortgage brokerage providing mortgages across Canada.  We work with you as a first time buyer and will continue to support you throughout all your real estate endeavours.

At Verico: Mortgage Planning Central we take the word planning very seriously.  Your home is most likely the largest investment you will make in your lifetime.  We will work with you over the years to ensure that your mortgage continues to meet your changing needs.  We believe that your mortgage advisor should be a trusted member of your financial planning family, a person who will consult with you throughout the life of your mortgage to make sure your financial goals are met.


Is your mortgage coming up for renewal? Don't be too quick to sign the banks renewal offer.  Too many people simply sign on the dotted line and send it back. The banks count on this.. and the usual result for you is a higher interest rate and a mortgage package that is not updated to your current situation and may not reflect your needs.

At the end of your term is the best time to re-evaluate your current financial situation and determine what your needs are for the next term.  Can you afford to increase your payments slightly, reduce your amortization and save thousands of dollars in interest?  Do you want to do some home improvements or take a family vacation?  We will help you work through your budget and give you some insight on how to improve your mortgage and overall financial situation. 

Let us review your mortgage and your current financial situation.  There is no cost for the review and typically the new lender will cover all costs associated with a straight switch. 


With today’s historically low rates it may be in your best interest to complete a mortgage review and see if you could save money and time on your mortgage.  By reducing your interest rate you can lower your monthly payments and reduce your amortization substantially. 

Refinancing replaces your existing mortgage loan with a new mortgage at a new lower rate. Refinancing can be used to reduce your interest rate, change the term of your loan, take some cash out of the equity for investments, home improvements, debt consolidation or even a family vacation.

We work closely with financial planners to determine if repositioning your equity can increase your networth.  For example, if you refinance your mortgage and save $300. per month you can then take that savings and invest it for your future.   That investment will grow over time and therefore increase your networth.


Using the equity in your home to consolidate your high interest loans and credit cards can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month.  We will take the time to complete a thorough analysis of your current mortgage, debts and home equity to determine if consolidating everything into one mortgage payment would be beneficial to you. 


Before making the decision to buy your first home or to move up to the next one, your first stop should be with your mortgage broker.  We will look at your current income, debts and down payment to determine how much you can afford to buy.  If any issues arise we work with you to help solve them and get you into a house sooner.  We will work closely with your realtor and lawyer throughout the process to make your move as smooth and hassle free as possible.


If you are new to credit or need to re-establish your credit we will help you understand what is required by the lenders in order to qualify for a mortgage.  We have an application for a secured credit card that you can access which will help you to get started.  We will also provide you with hints and tips on how to build your credit score quickly and how to maintain your score.
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Keywords: Debt Consolidation, Mortgage, Mortgage Planning, Refinancing