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By: Tamlo International  09-12-2011

Flag the Money: Carl's Story – A video resource for AML training

In this video, Carl and his team of "placement specialists" try various methods to launder their criminal profits. Carl's Story gives an overview of how money laundering works in different industries and illustrates the important role of trained employees in detecting and reporting suspicious transactions.

AML Online Course for MSBs – For agents and frontline staff

Online AML Training for Financial Institutions – For frontline employees and office staff

Tamlo's comprehensive online course includes Carl's Story, interactive exercises, real-life examples, fictional scenarios and interviews with industry experts. The built-in exam ensures a baseline level of knowledge throughout your organization.

Leader's Guide for Presentations to Executives and
Boards of Directors

Compliance officers providing AML training will find Flag the Money™: Carl's Story an ideal tool to illustrate how money laundering works in many industries. You can capture the attention of senior managers and Boards of Directors to report about the effectiveness of your AML compliance program, or program updates.

Tamlo's customizable PowerPoint™ template will help you use Carl's Story to create a powerful presentation, which you can tailor to your organization's senior executives or board members with the AML program accomplishments or challenges you need them to understand.

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