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By: Talnea  09-12-2011
Keywords: Rapid Prototyping, Screw Machines

Swiss Style Screw Machines

Talnea has multiple Swiss-style Screw Machines with a range up to 3/4” . Each screw machine is equipped with a hydraulic bar-feed which aids in higher production. Being a specialized type of machine, these screw machines have allowed us to service a sector of industry not being serviced by other shops; that being high production of small parts.

Talnea currently manufactures shear screws, thermowells, and shear pins as well as many other small parts for it’s customer base.

We can also provide in house shear testing for companies that require testing of the shear values of their shear screws/pins.

Multi-Spindle Multi-Axis Machines

Talnea currently has two Multi-Spindle, Multi-Axis machines that have provided us with a distinct advantage when it comes to costing of parts on higher production jobs (higher production jobs being quantities over 150 in size). These machines have allowed us to win back parts from customers that had previously moved them offshore for production.

The machines combine two spindles, two turrets, turning capability and milling capability all together to produce a variety of parts completed in one operation as opposed to being split over various turning and milling centers. This can be essential for some parts where dimensional accuracy, orientation and consistency are key component of the job.

The capability and capacity of these machines allow for quick production of complex parts at a very cost beneficial price.


Talnea currently has CNC Turning Centers that provide a wide range of capability, from as small as 1/16” upt to as large as 14” chucking. Through spindle capability is just over three inch through the bore. Interchangability within the turning centers allows us to properly utilize available time and corresponding machining requirements to service our customer’s needs, whether that be long range plans or unexpected spikes in production.


Talnea currently has CNC Milling centers with a variety of table sizes and machining capability. As with our turning capability, the interchangeability of production jobs allows for flexibility of scheduling, and fast turn-around of customer requirements.

We have single table milling capability and pallet change technology that has allowed us to compete in a cost effective manner.

3D Rapid Prototyping Printer

Talnea has recently acquired a 3D Rapid Prototyping Printer with the capability of producing 3 dimensional prototypes in durable ABS plastic which can be machined, sanded, painted or even chrome plated. The ABS model material comes in seven base colors. The resulting model can be used for many purposes including form, fit and function testing as well as proof of concept. The build envelope is 10” x 10” x 12” although larger models can be printed in accurate sections and glued together.

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Talnea Technologies Inc. is committed to providing the highest level of quality products to it’s customers. As such, we have invested in a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) with a table size of 19.5” X 19.5” by 19.5” High. The CMM allows Talnea to provide accurate and consistent measurement of customer requirements, as well as providing inspection reports if required. The addition of a CMM to our shop has allowed us to provide a comfort level to our customers above and beyond what some other shops may offer.


Quality is of paramount concern in the machining industry in general, and especially at Talnea. Some highlights of our quality control system include (but are not limited to) highly qualified inspectors performing inspections, inspection sheets being delivered with all parts, regimented quality control of all measuring equipment and gauges, and availability of tours/quality audits to all customers.

Keywords: Rapid Prototyping, Screw Machines

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These include oil & gas, packing tools, aerospace, automotive, environmental controls, pipeline services, plumbing and seismic. Talnea's focus is on small to medium sized machined components for other manufacturing companies. A variety of industries are serviced by the machined components that we can produce. Your parts may range from intricately small, to large (open tolerance) parts.