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By: Talnea  09-12-2011

Talnea's focus is on small to medium sized machined components for other manufacturing companies. A variety of industries are serviced by the machined components that we can produce. These include (but are by no means limited to) oil & gas, packing tools, aerospace, automotive, environmental controls, pipeline services, plumbing and seismic.

If you have machining requirements, Talnea may be a cost beneficial choice for you. Your parts may range from intricately small (with extremely close tolerances), to large (open tolerance) parts. We can provide a no charge quote to you on any of your requirements. In certain instances we may offer a sample part completed to assure you of our quality standards.

If our scope appears to be compatible with your requirements, then we believe that our capabilities can be of great service to your company.

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The machines combine two spindles, two turrets, turning capability and milling capability all together to produce a variety of parts completed in one operation as opposed to being split over various turning and milling centers. Being a specialized type of machine, these screw machines have allowed us to service a sector of industry not being serviced by other shops; that being high production of small parts.