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By: Syil Canada  09-12-2011

Did you know that Syil North America can provide professional Syil / Mach3 specific online training?

Syil North America's Online Training specializes in:

New and Beginner Users

Intermediate and Professional Users

Training for Educational Users and Institutions

Mecsoft Visualmill Training

We have the capability to log on to your mill, and provide 1 on 1 training, this training can be extremely helpful to the new CNC user.  This type of training can reduce the steep learning curve, machine crashes, and quick part creation.

We are located in Calgary, Canada and have a full production facility.  Our other business specializes in production of very small intricate parts, not limited to 2 Axis, 3 Axis, 4th Axis and full 3D profiling.  Our shop can accommodate up to 1-2 students / customers, for larger training seminars we prefer to go to your location or train online.

We have found this service to be very beneficial to many of our clients, as we can also in this time frame help you to set up your machines.

Part Creation Contracting

Syil North America also specializes in the production of programs and G code for new users, we can program the part, create the jigg plates / vice, proof the part and sell you all of the above.

This allows new and moderately new users to freely purchase a Syil CNC, and immediately step into production.

This can allow a new user to have less risk in the purchasing of a new machine,  quickly being in production of their desired part and begin the repayment of their new machine.

If you are interested in any of these services, feel free to call our head office.

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Other products and services from Syil Canada


Micro Tooling Package

Solid Carbide End Mill 1/4" 2 Flute Uncoated For AluminumThis package has been specifically designed for the Speedmaster Series of machines. Solid Carbide 1/16" 2 Flute Spherical Ball ALTIN Coated End Mills. Solid Carbide End Mill 1/8" 5 Flute ALTIN Coated 45 Degree Helix. Solid Carbide End Mill 1/16" 4 Flute Uncoated Drill Mills. Solid Carbide End Mill .050 4 Flute. The average quantity is 2-3 per.


2011 Syil X4 Standard

X-axis stepper motor: 6.0Nm - Y-axis stepper motor: 6.0Nm - Z axis stepper motor: 7.0Nm- Double Nut Ballscrews P5 Class- Standard 25pin Parallel Port. The machines layout for the vertical axis, cross-shaped table structure, compact structure, for processing a wide range of uses. It features a selection of high-quality casting materials to achieve the functionality and durability combined.


Kurt Vises

Your Kurt vise is a professional tool and should be maintained.It is very important to perform regularly maintenance on yourKurt vise to assure proper operation. Slide the jaw slightly toward the stationary jaw and lift up toremove the jaw from the “hook” of the nut. A sphericalsegment is inside the cavity of themovable jaw and may fall out as the jaw is removed.


Tormach Tooling System

An interchangeable set of tool holders, along with a means for off-line tool measurement, allows full utilization of the tool length compensation table in your CNC controller. Inspired by the dual contact geometry used in the latest generation of high end machining spindles, TTS tool holders reference both the spindle taper and the spindle face.


Air Spindle

Is Only Operational on the X4 and X5 Series and Does Not Operate on the Speedmaster Series. Perfect For Serialization of Parts After Main Spindle Has Completed Operations. You Can Switch Between Either Spindles During a Program. Can Engrave, Wood, Plastic, Metal and Composite. Installation In Less Than 10 Minutes. Manufactured By Syil North America. Any 1/8 Tooling Can Be Used.



Z Axis: 2,000mm/Min.- X Axis Motor: 6.0NM- Y Axis Motor: 6.0NM- Z Axis Motor: 7.0NM - P5 Level Double Nut Ball Screw PMI- HIWIN OEM High Precision Linear- Standard 25pin Parallel Port Printing. At the same time, with the new AC inverter with new spindle motor, increasing the casting base to further improve the stability of the machine.