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By: Supreme Windows  09-12-2011
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Entrance & Garden Doors

Supreme Entrance Door systems combine attractive styling with all the best features of energy efficiency, security, ease of maintenance and lasting durability.

The strength and durability of our premium quality steel or fiberglass doors from Masonite provide an attractive and easy to maintain finish that will not warp, crack or peel. A solid core of polyurethane foam within a continuous wood thermal break ensures outstanding thermal performance and added stability. Lock reinforcement blocks and a factory installed security striker plate reinforce the door system at the lock location to protect against forced entry.

  1. Premium quality, 24 gauge galvanized steel or compression moulded fiberglass doors from Supreme provide an attractive finish with lasting durability.
  2. Continuous wood perimeter provides a thermal break between outside and inside surfaces to prevent condensation and frost build up. Environmentally friendly, CFC-free polyurethane core provides insulating values 4 times greater than wood.
  3. Wood lock block and factory installed security striker-plate provides reinforcement in the critical lock area.
  4. Compression weather-stripping, corner seals and multi-finned bottom sweep ensure a tight, weatherproof seal and reduce heat loss.
  5. Corrosion resistant steel hinges, are mortised into both the door and frame to prevent sagging.
  6. Thermally broken aluminum clad sill with an adjustable PVC threshold prevents frost transfer and ensures a tight seal against the door sweep. Out-swing door sill is designed to prevent air and water infiltration. Double camlocks on each door ensure a positive weather-strip contact and provide added security.
  7. Exterior brickmould is available in extruded metal c/w nailing fin, metal clad wood and wood profiles.

In-swing garden doors :

In-Swing Garden Doors combine an operating door with a fixed panel and come with a sliding screen similar to those found on a traditional patio door.

Out-swing garden doors :

Out-Swing Garden Doors provide an attractive alternative to sliding patio doors and are ideal for installation where interior space is limited.

New Out-Swing Venting Door Styles: SDS

SDS Out-Swing Door Style allow you to build a Garden Door with a standard door and a fully venting sidelite.

Garden Door with SDS can be used in a narrow opening area where a traditional Garden Door doesn't fit while obtaining the advantages of Venting Doors provide. Combination with either 2264 or 2064 Doorlite with 1464 Sidelite creates a complete set of French Door.

Hundreds of different Doorlite insert options in Steel and Fiberglass Doors from Supreme allow our customers to build their very own design distinct from their neighbours. Doorlites can be a simple commodity style with different glass and in-glass grill options or more practically "Vent" or "In-Glass Blind" or a beautiful Decorative glass.

1. Flush Slab

2. 1 Panel & 3 Panel

3. 6 Panel, 6 Panel CB (Camber) & 6 Panel BT (Blank Top)

4. 2 Panel & 2 Panel CB (Camber)

5. 9 Panel & Parliament

Sidelite and Transom will be a very good choice if you want to design your Entrance Doors more distinctive. Sidelite and Transom can be designed many different ways from a single box window style to Decorative glass insert options.

1. Sidelites

2. Transoms

1. Door Sizes

2. Sidelite Sizes

3. Common Door Designs

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Supreme Windows Calgary Inc. :: Products :: Options & Add-Ons

Supreme Windows offers a various options and add-ons not only to improve the product performance but also to create the distinct appearance of your home. Supreme Vinyl Window series come with several different hardware options to maximize security and increase ease of operation and maintenance. Choose from wide profile grills in while or desertsand or narrow profile grills available in 6 standard colours.


Supreme Windows Calgary Inc. :: Products

Supreme Windows Vinyl Window Systems provide our customers the premium quality, superior performance, ease of operation and minimum maintenance.The natural insulation of 100% vinyl frames built with a multi chambered profile returns immediate savings of energy costs. Vinyl is unexcelled as a window framing material, out-performing wood, steel, aluminum and other metal framing materials in every way. Highly resistant to heat loss or gain.