Securely access substation data from your corporate network

By: Subnet Solutions  09-12-2011

With PowerSYSTEM Center utilities are able to securely and centrally manage their large install base of many different intelligent electronic devices (meters, relays, RTUs, etc) deployed throughout their entire transmission and distribution system. Used by dozens of the largest T&D companies in North America for NERC CIP IED access control, PowerSYSTEM Center is a multi-function IED management solution that supports several additional functions including: unified relay event file collection and archiving, unified password management, unified asset monitoring and unified data historian interfaces.

PowerSYSTEM Center is a powerful multi-vendor, multi-function IED management solution. Five key modules are currently supported, each capable of unifying management of a host of different vendor's IEDs typically deployed throughout the power system.

  • Protect substations from cyber attacks and comply with NERC CIP regulations with centralized secure remote IED access to virtually any vendor's IED with My IEDs.
  • Save integration time and money by leveraging existing IT infrastructure to help meet NERC CIP regulations.
  • Implement the industry’s most reliable secure dial-up solution with DialupGUARDIAN to assist in meeting NERC CIP requirements.
  • Save time and avoid manually documenting substation access by taking advantage of automated logging and auditing.
  • Utilize near real-time access to centrally archived fault records from multiple vendors to improve substation reliability and mitigate further disturbances.
  • Centralize and secure access to browser-based IEDs with My Substations.
  • Proactively predict and avoid device failures with centralized asset monitoring and analysis of your key power system assets using My Assets.
  • Maximize your investment in monitoring and diagnostic equipment by consolidating data within My Assets for a more holistic view of substation operations.
  • Apply analytics to fault record data to accurately monitor breaker conditions such as wear, mechanical/electric operate time, along with numerous other parameters without adding additional cost or equipment.
  • Access both operational data and non-operational data to help make smarter business decisions.
  • Get more value out of your existing historian investment, long term trending information provided by PowerSYSTEM Center can avoid costly disturbances and predict pending device failure.
  • IED password management allows users to effortlessly maintain passwords to meet NERC CIP requirements.

Features of PowerSYSTEM Center

  • Centralized approach minimizes administration and maintenance time and costs.
  • Central server architecture allows for multiple vendor applications to be installed and maintained on one centralized server -- not individual user PCs -- reducing administration costs and time.
  • Single access point between substation WAN and corporate network simplifies configuration management and increases firewall and router security.
  • PowerSYSTEM Center's acting as the gateway to substation IEDs minimizes introduction of malware, virus and other undesirable software, as better control and safe guards can be implemented than is typically possible on roaming user PCs.
  • A centralized PowerSYSTEM Center can also become a domain controller, patch management server, anti-virus server, along with numerous other functions to further protect substation IEDs.
  • Leverages existing IT knowledge and infrastructure to implement a reliable and secure solution.
  • Built on widely used technologies worldwide such as Windows Server, Active Directory, SQL Server®, Terminal Services, Share Point, Citrix® and other common architectures.
  • Supports Single-Sign-On, plus many multi-factor authentication technologies, including: RSA, smart cards, and biometrics.
  • Secure encrypted communications through SSL/TLS.

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