By: Stillwater Coaching  09-12-2011
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Barb Francis, Executive Coach focused on emerging and developing leaders, group facilitation, workshops, and behavioural style assessments based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

At Stillwater Coaching, we believe in working collaboratively with clients to provide the following services:

Leadership Coaching

We offer our clients the opportunity to further develop and broaden their leadership skills and their leadership brand. Beginning with the process of becoming increasingly aware of their leadership strengths and success behaviours, we then move to exploring opportunities and strategies to leverage our clients’ strengths to enhance performance and to ensure that they are in alignment with the values, mission and vision of their organization.

Leadership Development Workshops

At Stillwater Coaching Ltd., we provide a variety of leadership development workshops designed to create a highly interactive learning experience for participants while helping to optimize performance. These workshops can be delivered as customizable “off the shelf” products, or workhops that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our client. Examples of workshops that we offer include:

  • Behavourial Style – Based upon the framework of the Extended DISC, receive your own personal behavioural report. Understand your strengths based upon your behavioural style and how to best leverage them. Also become aware of your potential blind spots and how to best compensate for them. With this increased awareness, you will also learn how to communicate more effectively with others by adapting your communication style to effectively interact with others.
  • Situational Leadership II – Based upon the work of the Ken Blanchard Companies, learn how to adapt your leadership style to what best meets the needs of your direct reports at their particular stage of development.
  • Performance Coaching – Understand the benefits and value of using a coaching approach as well as develop your coaching skills for enhanced leadership effectiveness.
  • Catalyzing Change – Having the ability to lead organizational change is a key leadership skill in today’s working environment. Learn about your role as a leader in championing change. Learn about and understand the phases of change and how to recognize what phase your direct reports are experiencing. Also, become aware of the effective strategies that you are already using to be a catalyst for change as well as add more strategies to your leadership tool kit.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Strong leaders have sound emotional intelligence. Based upon the framework of the Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory, receive your own personal report which will highlight your emotional intelligence strengths and your potential areas for development. Also, learn effective strategies to further strength your key emotional intelligence capabilities as well as build capacity in those competencies that may not currently be developed.

High Performance Team Development

We offer a variety of services for teams that are targeted at taking strong performing teams to the next level of performance and effectiveness. This may include an assessment of the team’s current state and then define what high performance and effectiveness would be for the team. The development process for the team would focus on using targeted, interactive activities to support the team in moving forward to achieve agreed upon objectives. Specific activities may include:

  • Behavioural Styles: Discovering and learning about the behavioural styles of  each team member as well as the style distribution of the team.
  • Team Charter: Creating a team vision, mission and goals that would be in alignment with those of the organization.  This could also include team norms and working agreements for effectively working together.
  • Decision Making: Learning about the various decision making options and determining what works the best for the team.

Mentoring Initiatives

Many organizations are currently faced with or will be faced with potentially losing years and years of experience and expertise from their seasoned leaders and professionals as the baby boomers transition out of the workforce.  Harnessing this talent and passing it along to others is a key responsibility of today’s leaders.  The creation and implementation of formal mentoring programs can strategically support the transfer of this knowledge. The Stillwater Coaching team can help organizations to create effective mentoring initiatives that best fit with the needs and the culture of organizations as well as the needs of the mentors and protégés. 

Keywords: emotional intelligence, executive coach, leadership, Leadership Development