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Before our clients begin working with us, we offer them a complimentary 30 min consult. The consult can be booked online or over the phone, but a deposit of $100 CDN is required to make an appointment.

During the consultation, Stenia asks a series of questions that allows us to better understand you, your lifestyle, your motivating factors and your history with exercise. The consult also allows us to get you know you so we can place you with the best trainer based on your goals and personality. There is some paperwork to fill out as well. At the conclusion of the consult we will book you in for your physical assessment.

Physical Assessments

We offer a number of different physical assessments based on the needs of our clients. The three assessment packages we offer are the fitness package, the athletic package and the high performance package.

  • The Bronze Package is designed for new clients looking to gain basic knowledge about their current health status. This package includes a 7 site Body Composition, Girth Measurements, Myotest Muscular Profile, Myotest Jumping Profile, Sub-Maximal VO2 Test for Cardiovascular Fitness and the National Back Fitness Test.
  • The Silver Package is designed for new clients looking to gain intermediate knowledge their current health status and athletic ability. This package includes a 7 site Body Composition, Girth measurements, Myotest Muscular Profile, Myotest Jumping Profile, Sub-Maximal VO2 Test for Cardiovascular fitness, National Back Fitness Test, the NSCA 5 Level Sit Up test and a Basic Functional Movement Screen.
  • The Gold Package is designed for athletes and clients looking for advanced information about the current condition of their bodies. This package includes a 12 site Body Composition, Girth Measurements, Myotest Jumping Profile, Myotest Lifting Profile, Maximal VO2 Test for Cardiovascular fitness, Wingate Anaerobic Test, Comprehensive Functional Movement Screen and a Ki-Hara Flexibility Assessment.

*These test are not currently available

Strength and Conditioning Programs

This product is designed for amateur or professional athletes, as well as our more competitive clients. Individuals who have a specific performance based goal would use this service. Athletes are put through a functional movement screen, physiological testing as well as an interview to determine their sporting demands and their strengths and weaknesses in their sport. We use our findings to build a strength and conditioning program that suits their needs. We then work with the athlete for a couple of sessions to teach them their program, or the athlete trains with us on a regular basis, depending on what they can afford.

Personalized Training Programs

This product is designed for our general population clients. The major goal of a personalized training program is to improve overall health and fitness. The client and the trainer/coach will work together to set realistic goals in the areas of body composition, muscular strength or endurance, functional movement and cardiovascular fitness goals.

Using the information from the consult and the physical assessments we build a personalized training program that suits your needs.

Personal Training
These sessions are one-on-one session with a Stenia trainer or coach.

Group Personal Training
These sessions can host as many as 4 people with 1 trainer.

Nutritional Consultations

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of an effective training program. We offer nutritional consultations to help you maximize your training and give you the results you are looking for.

Ki Hara Resistance Stretching

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching is a series of dynamic stretches that strengthen and lengthen the body at the same time. This is ideal for athletes looking to take training to the next level, individuals interested in injury prevention and longevity, people who struggle with flexibility or as a recovery measure.The arms and legs are put through specific linear, rotational and diagonal patterns and are required to move through these patterns both concentrically and eccentrically. During Ki-Hara, the muscles are contracting and lengthening at the same time. This is a very safe form of flexibility training as the muscles can only be taken through a range of motion if they are able to produce force in that range. The concept of over stretching or over elongating a muscle is impossible using this technique.

Unlike other flexibility techniques where the end goal is how long we can make a muscle, the basic concept to Ki-Hara is that the muscles must be strong thorough their entire ranges of motion. Strength and flexibility must go hand in hand in order to keep muscles functional. This function then translates to performance outcomes such as power, speed and strength.

Following the workout, you can expect to feel an instant release of tension. In addition, you may feel energized as the movement patterns stimulate the nervous system, causing increased function and coordination. Muscles may feel refreshed, or lighter, because of the movement of toxins and metabolic by products from the muscles and the increased blood flow.

There are two forms of stretching sessions – self and assisted. Self- stretching sessions are done by the individual, on the individual. You use your own body to provide the resistance for the movements. The advantage to self stretching is you can do it anywhere as it requires no equipment!

Assisted sessions are done with certified Ki-Hara practitioners. During assisted stretching sessions, the trainer provides the resistance during the movement. The more trainers, the more efficient and detailed the movement patterns become. In addition, Ki-Hara Certified Trainer can to problem solve muscular imbalances. The Ki-Hara Trainer is essentially a very sophisticated piece of gym equipment providing both flexibility and strength training.

Gym Memberships

Stenia Health and High Performance is a members only training facility. Due to the nature of the training that we do at Stenia, in order to train here, you must qualify for membership and either work one on one with one of our staff, or have one of our staff create and oversee your training program.

Memberships are not available online. If you are interested in a membership, please call 403-238-0001.

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Keywords: Stretching