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By: Stakeholder Cost Reporting  02-03-2011
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Enabling organizations to capture, track, monitor, analyze and report critical corporate metrics.

SCR is great for small to enterprise sized business searching for ways to improve productivity and competitive advantage by creating business intelligence at all levels of the organization. Although SCR has been used to date for engineering project management, cost control and reporting, quality control in a manufacturing environment for residential construction units, and by international consulting firms to manage project costs and funding milestones, it can be used within any firm wanting to capture, monitor and report and control a variety of corporate metrics.

SCR can be used on an internal network however most our clients prefer the flexibility and scalability of the SCR cloud computing model. SCR introduces business process for each corporate metric which is supported by digital documents to create individualized business intelligence tools for each stakeholder, wherever they are, in the office, the field, or stuck in a traffic jam.

SCR benefits include:

  • Reporting large volumes of data in easy to understand images that reflect critical corporate processes, so that users can see the big picture, manage by exception and react with rapid investigation and resolution tactics.
  • Sharing of data with other vertical applications already established in the organization, as well as ERP systems that typically struggle with the rapid change in business requirements that typically occur at the business unit level of the organization.
  • Facilitating period end accounting accruals and allocations with thoroughly documented audit trails to support continuous audit capability in a cost effective manner.
  • Maximizing communication among stakeholders and increasing productivity of teams by creating a single source of validated data that is reported in a timely manner.
  • Motivating users by empowering them with knowledge. They can now do more with less and feel better in their downtime knowing they have accomplished their corporate and personal goals on a daily basis.

With SCR, clients can manage and track significantly higher volumes of activity without increasing their cost to capture, monitor, report and manage data. SCR implements well defined transparency to maximize communication among stakeholders and increase accountability of system users.

The ability to do more with less has enabled organizations to reduce organizational expense while increasing revenues. We target a one year payback for SCR clients to recapture their investment while creating strategic advantage in the market place.

SCR has enabled an organization with less that 20 permanent and contract staff to manage over 500 projects valued at over 500 million dollars in less than a year. Another organization to reduce plant staff from over 120 to less than 90 in six months while increasing the ability to create final product, and empowered an international consulting firm to execute more large projects with staff globally dispersed while improving control over project costs and relating funding.

Unlike other systems that normally strive to replace existing systems, SCR typically extends the life of legacy systems by leveraging established business intelligence and lifting those assets to new levels throughout the organization. SCR creates the lift by introducing and integrating new business practice concepts to motivate and enable people to be more productive and embrace the ever changing business environment.

One can learn more about SCR and some of the fundamentals are illustrated on the tab. We look forward to hearing from you!

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