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By: Soundwave Hearing  09-12-2011
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Today's technology means that you have a wide range of options available to help with hearing loss. Hearing aid users report higher levels of involvement in social activities, fewer worries and more positive social and family experiences than those who have uncorrected hearing loss. Hearing instruments vary in style (size) and level of technology. Digital technology, which varies in level of sophistication, opens the possibilities of improved hearing with hearing aids to anyone with hearing loss. Your Soundwave Hearing Care Audiologist or Hearing Aid Practitioner carefully makes recommendations for hearing aids by balancing your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, personal goals, sound quality, cosmetics, and budget. The need for one or two hearing aids is determined by you and your Soundwave Hearing Care Audiologist or Hearing Aid Practitioner. For most people with hearing loss, binaural amplification (two ears) offers substantial improvement under both quiet and noisy conditions, along with a better sense of direction for locating the sound source. Just as eyeglasses do not "cure" vision deficiencies, hearing aids do not solve all hearing problems. But hearing aids can provide an important difference in your life and the lives of your family members.

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Auditory Processing difficulties can adversely affect an individual’s ability to learn and to succeed in a conventional classroom, typical employment setting, or social settings without appropriate intervention and habilitation. Whether you are a police officer, security officer, pilot, or someone who needs to listen to a two-way communication device, we have various custom communication molds available for increased comfort and safety.