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By: Smart Technologies  09-12-2011

Integration with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software

CoreFocus provides over 2,500 math and literacy learning activities designed to take full advantage of the interactive features in SMART Notebook software.

Aligned to U.S. Common Core State Standards

Every activity is aligned to the U.S. Common Core State Standards for K–1 in Language Arts and Mathematics. With the intuitive navigation tool, you can search by standard and sub-standard.

Research-based activities

CoreFocus activities have been developed using the latest studies on literacy and math. These studies are found under the Research tab in CoreFocus.

Activities for every skill level

CoreFocus activities are designed to support skill progression and are organized by pre-emerging, emerging, developing and developed skill levels.

Embedded assessment

CoreFocus includes built-in assessment tools, including question sets for the SMART Response interactive response system.

Individual student portfolios

Individual student portfolios enable you to track progress and collect data throughout the school year.

Content library

Browse the content library by correlated curriculum standards and skill levels, and use the keyword activity search to find activities for a specific theme or topic, developmental level or group size.

Activity calendar

Schedule activities days, weeks or months in advance and create lesson plans for individual students, groups, classrooms or multiple classrooms.

Import and customize content

Import existing SMART Notebook software content and add it to the searchable content library in CoreFocus, and create your own content using the included customizable templates.

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