Smart Muffler develops innovative clean diesel after-treatment muffler systems

By: Smart Muffler  09-12-2011
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Smart Muffler Corporation develops innovative products that play a key role in reducing emissions to near zero. The company's highly respected team of engineers, scientists, and associates has developed state-of-the-art technology that provides the background and basis for Smart Muffler systems.
The Smart Muffler is a cost effective way for diesel engine operators to meet 2007 USA EPA, CARB, and EURO emissions standards. US standards have set the bar high by targeting a 90% reduction of particulate matter from diesel powered highway vehicles in 2007.
Smart Muffler Benefits
  • Longevity - Maintains high performance over long term
  • Economical – Saves fuel costs, engine maintenance costs
  • Amenable – Highly amenable to key environmental issues
  • Durable – Rugged performance
  • Effective – Achieves or exceeds today’s and tomorrow’s regulatory requirements
  • Regenerates – Self Cleaning
Smart Muffler catalytic converters are ideal for exhaust treatment with a variety of diesel and natural gas fueled engines.
  • Diesel fuel engine exhaust
  • Natural Gas engine exhaust
  • Diesel cycle and NG (dual fuel) engine exhaust
  • Bio diesel engine exhaust 
  • Hybrid diesel engine exhaust
How It Works
The Smart Muffler employs a proprietary reversing flow valve that is unique to the industry. It is highly effective in eliminating Particulate Matter (PM).
Particulate Matter Trap
The valve operation is key to a highly efficient process that retains internal heat in the Particulate Matter Trap (PMT). Heat retention allows the system to maintain a high temperature that oxidizes particulates. This is accomplished by carefully controlling and maintaining temperatures at a consistent level.
The Smart Muffler traps PM in a PMT and continuously maintains oxidation heat. Competitors rely on engine duty cycle, high catalyst loading and added fuel for oxidation of PM.
The process makes fuel efficiency the first Smart Muffler advantage. While the Smart Muffler traps heat from the exhaust within the PMT, competitor's products waste exhaust heat by expelling it to the atmosphere. Excessive amounts of fuel are then required to heat the PMT.
Self Cleaning Filter
A second advantage of the Smart Muffler is provided by continuous regeneration that keeps the trap clean and avoids pressure build up across the PMT. The unique filtration system is highly effective because the filter it is self cleaning.
Competitors must clean and maintain their filters. Fuel consumption gradually increases as their after treatment filters become clogged. Costs for cleaning or changing the filters are often increased due to filter damage caused during the process.
Smart Muffler Competitive Edge
  • Maintain high PMT heat by flow reversal
  • Maintain low supplementary fuel consumption due to flow reversal
  • Maintain high PMT heat which allows continuous PMT regeneration
  • Eliminate engine fuel penalty for plugged PMT
  • Eliminate manual cleaning of PMT
  • Rely on rugged testing and proof of concept demonstration.
  • Protects against overheating.
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