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By: Slingshot Networks  09-12-2011
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An Internet Filtering Appliance, such as the Barracuda Web Filter, provides organizations with content control services that boost productivity and protect against internet threats. Blocking access to websites based on content, file downloads according to type, and applications that access the internet, are just a few of the features that can make an Internet Filtering Appliance incredibly valuable to an organization.

Applications that access the internet such as Instant Messaging programs, music download services, and software update utilities are also blocked. As Internet downloads, certain websites, and internet accessing applications can be laden with viruses and spyware this protection is essential to the health of an organization's computers.

A Preventative, Reactive, & Proactive Internet Filtering Appliance

The Barracuda Web Filter works with the included Barracuda Spyware Removal Tool which is an ActiveX control to detect and remove any already existing spyware. This Internet Filtering Appliance is also proactive by providing widespread protection "without requiring preloaded client software on every machine on the network."

Customizable Group Policies and Internet Filtering Time Frames

When using an Internet Filtering Appliance, being able to set up customizable group policies for internet use is essential. Group policies control which users can access which programs, and they can also control when users can access these programs. For example, a company could create a group of users who would be authorized to access all programs, and have unlimited web browsing all day long.

At the same time they could create another group of users who would have access to a specific set of programs, and unlimited web browsing only during lunch hours. This allows for companies to grant unlimited access to the employees who need it while still protecting the rest of the company. The Barracuda Web Filter provides a number of different ways to create group policies. It can integrate with LDAP directory servers, or "For organizations that do not utilize directory servers, policies can be defined for unauthenticated users as a whole, locally defined users and groups, or network IP address ranges."

Internet Filtering Appliance with No Client Software To Install

As no client software need be installed and no modifications to your network are required, the Barracuda Web Filter is easy for companies to use from the very beginning. "It has an intuitive user interface for maintenance and monitoring, making it a virtually maintenance-free solution." The system updates automatically from Barracuda Central which is a 24 hour security operations center. The engineers employed there are continuously developing the best ways to detect the newest spyware and viruses. Updates are sent by the hour so that the Barracuda Web Filter remains as effective as possible.

With no per-user license fees, its wide range of spyware and virus protection, its ability to create customizable group policies, and virtually maintenance-free operation the Barracuda Web Filter is a unique and comprehensive Internet filtering appliance.

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