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By: Singletouch Canada Inc.   09-12-2011

A robust tool for your service and maintenance personnel.

Working in connected mode, whether on the network or using a web browser, you have access to the full Singletouch platform. You can access the information housed in the centralized database to facilitate reporting, project management, payroll, invoicing and more. Data captured in the field routes seamlessly into the central database to be integrated into existing back-office systems. Because data is entered only once, electronically rather than manually, accuracy improves and billing cycles are shortened thanks to the elimination of paperwork bottlenecks, transcription errors and process delays.

But we also recognize the disconnected reality of many field operations. In some cases, it’s not feasible to be connected to the network at distant outposts. That’s why we also offer a robust offline mode that gives remote field users the same control over time entry, equipment entry and management functions. Users can work offline, with data seamlessly synchronized with the central database once a connection is reestablished.

Singletouch Mobile makes it easy to control projects regardless of their location and connectivity. Running on ruggedized handhelds or HP Slate tablets, Singletouch Mobile is a tool made specifically for your service and maintenance personnel. Because service personnel will not always have full cellular coverage, Singletouch Mobile was designed to be fully independent.

With Singletouch Mobile, your service personnel can generate purchase and work orders, with signatures, on the fly. They can manage their truck inventory and their own time entry as they progress through their work day. Once they have cellular coverage or reconnect to the web, all the information collected throughout the day synchronizes with the main Singletouch Office database.

Field personnel will enjoy the independence that Singletouch Mobile provides. They have the tools they need to manage their trucks and finish their days, without having to struggle to respond to the questions from accounting staff as to what happened several days ago. Clumsy manual processes, guesswork and forensic project management approaches are eliminated as all of the project variables that tool place are captured and routed into the central database.

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