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By: Silvatech  09-12-2011
Keywords: land management, Mapping, resource management

Our multi-disciplined team of experts uses state-of-the-art technology and a diversity of experience to provide detailed and complete land base information by way of resource inventories, environmental land use  planning, forest land management and mapping.

Land & Resource Inventories

Land use and resource planners require timely, sufficiently detailed and complete land base information to analyze and to develop meaningful and reliable plans. We can help you assess your land base information needs and possibilities, acquire appropriate imagery and/or data, and convert that data into the type of inventory you need to meet your integrated land and resource management needs of today.[..]

Environmental Planning Consultants

Environmental stewardship and social accountability for that stewardship have placed heavy responsibility and high expectations on land use and resource planners around the world. Future generations depend upon the decisions made today by policy makers, government agencies and resource industries charged with managing the worlds natural capital.[..]

Forest and Environmental Management

Forest land management in the 21st Century requires a broad suite of skills, experience and technology to meet the demands of society. No longer is it a simple engineering challenge but includes social accountability, economic feasibility and environmental responsibility. For over 28 years Silvatech has been building a solid knowledge base of expertise, investing in people who are cross-trained in a number of fields to deliver dependable forest management solutions. From inventories to reconnaissance, planning to field engineering, harvesting to reforestation and habitat studies to site restoration - Silvatech has been an integral part of the team for a broad spectrum of clients. We work with you to strengthen your abilities to achieve your objectives.[..]

Digital Mapping, GIS, Remote Sensing, Databases

Land-use planning and resource management today requires that a vast amount of information or intelligence is readily available in a timely fashion. It requires accurate, scalable information that can be used for strategic planning over very large land-bases as well as detailed high resolution intelligence for operational on-the-ground applications. In the past this range of uses has been largely unattainable without completing multiple level inventories at high cost. Fortunately things have changed. With computers, powerful software, high resolution digital imagery and lidar, the world and its resources can now be mapped at very high resolution and scaled at what ever level of detail is required for a specific application. Furthermore, the data can be mined and retrospective analysis performed at virtually any time new questions arise.[..]

Keywords: environmental management, Environmental Planning, Environmental Stewardship, land, land management, Mapping, Planning, resource management