By: Signature Interpretive  09-12-2011
Keywords: interpretation


Under the direction of the Manager/Owner of Signature Interpretive & Translative Services Ltd., interpreters/translators are sub-contracted to perform such duties as on site interpretation, translation of written documentation, telephone interpretation and message relay. The primary role of the interpreter is to ensure the cultural and social context of all communications are faithfully communicated to the utmost quality possible.

The interpreter/translator is required to arrive at each appointment punctually and at all times conduct him/herself in a professional, ethical manner ensuring confidence in the process. The interpreter shall track and record the duration of time spent in the delivery of services.

This includes efficiency in the following areas of communications:

Through a high degree of verbal interpretation and comprehension skills for the purposes of communication from the English language to the designated language and vice versa.

Via Telephone
interpretation services through the telephone with the referral source in-person.

Interpretation of text into English and vice versa.

Message Relay
Interpretation for the purpose of communicating a message with/from the worker. This consists of obtaining the message; communicating the message to the intended party; and communicating the response as required. All efforts shall be made to ensure that the interpreter contacts and ensures the successful relaying of the message to the receiver. Immediate follow up with the source of the message is required to verify that the message was completely relayed.

Keywords: interpretation