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By: Sig Taylor  09-12-2011
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Explore. Connect. Restore.

The Heart-Connect Relationship Essentials Program  helps couples get back on track, learn new relationship skills and develop the necessary awareness to create long-term successful relationships.


Step 1 - We begin with a one hour Initial Consultation, of which 30 minutes is complimentary.  This gives you a chance to meet me and decide if my services are right for you.

Step 2 – After the initial consultation, I conduct a comprehensive assessment of your relationship which includes reviewing your personal and relationship history, strengths and current challenges. I also meet with each partner of the couple individually. In this stage couples are typically in one of two places:

  • Both partners are committed to the relationship and want to move forward.
  • One or both of the partners is uncertain as to whether they want to remain in the relationship. In this situation I usually recommend that you consider making a commitment to exploring whether or not your relationship is viable, that is, committing to the process of discovery, rather than the outcome. By the end of the program most couples are in a much better place to make a decision about the future of the relationship.

Step 3You can make a committment to the process of discovery with my help through the Heart-Connect program which is an 18-hour coaching and educational program designed to enhance self-knowledge, communication, conflict resolution and relationship skills.  The program includes a minumum of 10 couple and/or individual coaching sessions, customized programme (based upon your initial assessment), customized homework, email correspondence/feedback and reading assignments.  Sessions are typically 1.5 hours but may vary depending on each couple’s specific situation.

Many people believe that marriages fail due to factors such as dishonesty, affairs, conflict, etc. Not true. Most marriages fail due to inattentiveness, that is, the relationship is lost over time to other priorities – children, work, hobbies, house, etc. The couple connection or bond typically comes last and gets whatever energy and time is left over, which is usually not much.

Therefore, during this stage of the program, couples begin the process of re-connecting. Often this involves “clearing the air” and dealing with long standing unresolved issues and concerns.

Stage 3 – Restore
In this stage couples learn and begin to integrate healthy relationship habits and rituals into their everyday lives. In essence they must learn to make their connection a long term priority.

Keywords: Coaching, Coaching Sessions, Counselling, Couples, Seminars

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This meeting is an opportunity for you and your spouse to share some of your issues, get some feedback and experience how Sig Taylor, Marriage & Family therapist can help you save your marriage. Sig Taylor’s Heart-Connect Programs and Counselling services are available through In-Office sessions in Calgary, Alberta Canada and throughout the world via Telephone Coaching. Book an Initial Consultation with Sig Taylor now.


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