Job Hazard Assessment & Task Analysis

By: Sds Consulting  09-12-2011

A small company, enjoying significant growth, found it difficult to find time to evaluate all the new tasks they were asking their employees to perform. Some workers, who reported concerns about the number of injuries occurring, sought employment elsewhere and several key employees were lost due to long term injuries. Productivity dropped and WCB premiums rose sharply. How could you have retained your workers, maintained productivity and reduced your costs?

A service rig process involved flowing well contents back into an open tank. This allowed vapor to accumulate around the tank when there was no wind to disperse it. On a dry windless day, a local farmer happened to drive his tractor by the tank and a spark from the engine ignited the vapor, injuring the farmer and causing serious damage to the tank and equipment. How could the ensuing lawsuit and the cost of replacing the equipment have been avoided?

A worker on a pipeline construction crew was required to place skids beneath a pipe to stabilize it on marshy ground. She was shown the skids but not provided with training in the appropriate task procedure and was unaware of the potential hazards. Because of the unstable ground, the skid moved and the pipe rolled on her leg, crushing it. How could this have been avoided?

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Health & Safety Audits

Competitive advantage with Certificate of Recognition from your Certifying Partner [i.e. the Petroleum Industry Training Service, the Alberta Forest Products Association, the AlbertaSafety Council, and Alberta Construction Safety Association. Our audit team consists of individuals with varied backgrounds including petroleum, forestry, health and safety, quality and environmental technology, process operations, and construction.


Services Overview

All employees of SDS Consulting Corporation will be made aware of the potential health, safety or environmental implications of the industry through the use of training and procedures which meets or exceeds the regulatory requirements and the company’s policy.


HSE Management Systems

Experienced HSE consultants, who understand how management systems function in complex organizations, assist in the development of a system that is consistent with your company’s cultureand management style, and designed to achieve continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental management. Enhanced industry and public reputation.


Lean Enterprise

According to the Conference Board of Canada, “Canada earns a “C” grade for labor productivity growth in 2008 and ranks 12th among the 17 countries. It’s about finding more efficient and effective ways to produce goods and services so that more can be produced with the same amount of effort.. Improving productivity is not about working longer or harder.


As Built Drawings

He is the one person at your facility who knows the important details about what and where everything is, how it works together and what has been changed over the years. You’ve had a series of small but related incidents and you want to do an immediate hazard analysis/safety review before anything more serious happens. How can you identify potential problems if your drawings are out of date.


Process Hazard Analysis

With a low point where liquid accumulated and froze exerting a backpressure on a storage vessel. Resulted in the loss of two lives and catastrophic damage to the facility. A relief line at an NGL facility had been incorrectly designed.