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By: Satphonecity  09-12-2011

25 UNITS $18.95 730 DAYS 2.75 MB OF DATA OR 25 VOICE MINUTES ($25.00 VALUE)
50 UNITS $36.95 730 DAYS 5.50 MB OF DATA OR 50 VOICE MINUTES ($50.00 VALUE)
100 UNITS $69.95 730 DAYS 11 MB OF DATA OR 100 VOICE MINUTES ($100.00 VALUE)
250 UNITS $172.95 730 DAYS 27.50 MB OF DATA OR 250 VOICE MINUTES ($250.00 VALUE)
500 UNITS $341.95 730 DAYS 55 MB OF DATA OR 500 VOICE MINUTES ($500.00 VALUE)
1000 UNITS $679.95 730 DAYS 110 MB OF DATA OR 1000 VOICE MINUTES ($1,000.00 VALUE)
2500 UNITS $1,654.95 730 DAYS 275 MB OF DATA OR 2500 VOICE MINUTES ($2,500.00 VALUE)
5000 UNITS $3,299.95 730 DAYS 550 MB OF DATA OR 5000 VOICE MINUTES ($5,000.00 VALUE)

Rate By Call Type

Background IP per MB  9.5 Units / Background IP  in-region  Not Available / Background IP  Outside Region  Not Available / Voice to Fixed  Per Minute  1 unit / Voice to Cellular  Per Minute  1.2 units / Voice BGAN to BGAN   Per Minute  1.5 units / Voice BGAN to SBB  Per Minute  1.5 units / Voice BGAN to SPS  Per Minute  2 units / / Voice to Inmarsat B   Per Minute   3.4 units / Voice to Inmarsat M Per Minute 2.9 units / Voice to Inmarsat Mini M  Per Minute  2.5 units / Voice to Inmarsat GAN/Fleet/Swift Voice  Per Minute  2.5 units / Voice to Inmarsat Aero Voice Per Minute 4.90 units / Voice to Iridium Voice  Per Minute  5.7 units / Voice to Globalstar Voice  Per Minute  5.7 units / Voice to Thuraya Voice  Per Minute  4 units / Voice to Other MSS Carriers  Per Minute  6.9 units / SMS Per SMD .5 units / Streaming  32 kbps  Not Available / Streaming 64 kbps / Streaming 128 kbps / Streaming 256 kbps

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