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By: Sanjel Cementers  09-12-2011


Sanjel has a well-earned reputation for developing innovative cement technologies that meet the diverse needs of our customers.

New blends and additives are continually being added to our product line, such as our new, high-density expandable cement with improved flexibility characteristics.

Using sophisticated laboratory equipment, each blend is tested under downhole conditions to ensure optimal performance. With the proven success of our specially engineered products, Sanjel aims to continually exceed the expectations of our customers.

Featured Cementing Products

Flexible Thermal Cement

Sanjel's latest innovation in cement technology is the development of a high density, expandable thermal cement system, that has far greater flexibility than "traditional" thermal blends of equivalent density.


A cost-efficient lightweight cementing solution that combines enhanced pumpability, density control and durability with a lower CO2 intensity per tonne of cement than traditional blends.

The PROLITE series of lightweight cement blends provide enhanced mechanical properties at reduced overall cost through the use of Sanjel's new patented additive, SanLite.


PROTEUS™ is a thermal cementing solution that can adapt to any application required in the challenging Canadian Oil Sands environment. PROTEUS™ displays a cost-efficient balance of compressive strength and flexibility, providing enhanced resilience during temperature and pressure cycles.


Sanjel's proprietary fracturing fluids are designed and proven to perform optimally and economically in a wide variety of fracturing applications, in particular multi-stage fracturing.

Our full line of specialized fracturing fluids, including surfactant technology, are engineered in-house at Sanjel's Professional Park. The research and development of new exclusive fracturing fluids and applications is ongoing, and includes aggressive initiatives around technology with ultra-low impact on human health and the environment.

We are committed to ensuring the success of every fracturing treatment and hence a minimum of one highly trained quality control technician is on the location of every job performed. This enables all additives and the resulting fluid system to be evaluated and monitored throughout the treatment. Calculated adjustments can be made on-the-fly, as required, ensuring optimal fluid performance is maintained at all times.

Featured Fracturing Fluid Systems


BORAjel-D is a unique, multi-component borate cross-linked fracturing fluid. Through the use of novel accelerators and custom crosslinking agents, the BORAjel-D system allows independent control of the crosslink time and fluid rheology.


BORAjel-HT is a borate cross-linked fracturing fluid that provides gel stability and custom control of break times, at temperatures up to 140°C (284°F).


kAAPAjel is a field-proven surfactant-based fracturing fluid system with excellent thermal stability and high base fluid viscosity.


Oiljel ULP is a unique gelled-hydrocarbon fracturing fluid that combines ultra-low levels of "volatile" phosphorous with the ability to tailor fluid viscosity for specific conditions, enhancing overall performance.

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