By: Safe Guard Safety  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fall Protection, Beam Trolley, Life Lines,

Safeguard Safety Inc. is an industry leader in a wide assortment of fall protection products and safety solutions.  From our fall protection division, our products range from our own Safeguard Safety Inc. patented roof anchors, horizontal and vertical lifelines, overhead horizontal life lines & beam trolley systems. From our fabrication division, we also run a state of the art, CWB certified fabrication facility. In house we can make everything from steel platforms, catwalks, ladders, handrails, stairs & hydraulic systems. 

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Keywords: Beam Trolley, Fall Protection, Life Lines,

Other products and services from Safe Guard Safety


Temporary Horizontal Lifelines

Whether rope or cable, these systems provide durable protection that can be moved from site to site where there are suitable approved anchor points. 100% portable and lightweight, these systems are ideal for the construction job site or bridge and building inspection activities. Safety and mobility – these are the hallmarks of Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Systems.


Beam Trolley

This system is commonly used in airport hangers, rail car loading docks, truck loading docks or any other application where an overhead system is required. In cases where a continuous overhead fall protection system is required the engineered “Beam Trolley” is a perfect solution. Allowing the user to travel freely in a straight line or around corners and bends. We can provide complete professional installation for any system.


Self Retracting Lifelines

Self-retracting lifelines are widely used in construction to provide fall protection, especially where workers must move about to handle or install materials. Units can be equipped with stainless steel cables, or non-conductive Dyneema® rope as standard (or with galvanized cables on request. Robust design, a variety of lifeline lengths and corrosion resistant alloy housing means your SRL investment will go a long way.


Safeguard Safety Roof Anchor Points

The ability to issue an engineered set of stamped drawings in house means quicker delivery times, and the ability to deal directly with safeguard staff to ensure the design is exactly what you need. Fall arrest anchors are used to provide a secure point of attachment for lifelines, lanyards or deceleration devices, and which is independent of the means of supporting or suspending the worker.