REC Services | Customizing & Fabrication

By: Rx 7 Specialties  09-12-2011

REC offers a variety of customizing options for all rotary specific applications as well as other non rotary applications. Please browse the sub categories on the right to view some of the services that we offer.

As this site is still under construction, more REC customizing information will be coming soon.

Other products and services from Rx 7 Specialties


REC Service | Rotary Engine Service

With and experienced and efficient staff, along with the latest technology and equipment, we can turn around your vehicle, engine,and engine service in a promp and timely manner. We are a complete car service, engine building and machine shop providing exceptional attention to detail and excellent communication with our customers.


REC Services | Balancing Services

With 20 years of experience and a keen understanding of Rotary engineering, along with the aid of a Sunnen engine balancer and our milling center, REC has perfected the process of dynamic balancing of all Rotary engine rotating assemblies.


REC Services | Bearing & Gear Services

We encourage you to browse through the sub categories on the right to give you a better idea of what REC is all about and what we can do for you. offers a wide variety of upgrade and performance stationary gear and engine bearing parts and services. Much of what we do within this category is targeted around strength, reliability and longevity.


REC Services | Engine Building

Much like the rest of our packages, customers simply select a list of products that they wish to order, we then attach the lowest wholesale price we can offer to each of those individual products, then we simply add them all together. Whenever purchasing one of our engines, we will always start with a base engine price and any added products or services become upgrades using a "add on" pricing system.


REC Products | Rotary Engine Products | RX-7 Products, along with the sister company RX7 Specialties, has managed to acquire many OME parts which may have already been discontinued or NLA through Mazda. We have a lot of good reusable parts also, failing the availability of having new items in stock. 13B GSL SE OME Factory Rotor Housing 1st Gen. Piece X-Treme Rotaries 2 Rotor E-shaft Kit. Large OME Factory New 20B Center Iron. 12A Custom New Rotor Housings.


REC Services | Ceramic & Cermet Coatings

Over the years REC has experimented with different cermet and ceramic products which can benefit a rotary engine by reducing friction, heat and wear, as well as control engine temperatures. Hence the cost of materials is more.The second method will use less material but the additional costs of prep work and mailing makes this method and overall more expensive process.